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Census will have some data for larger areas. If you're looking at the neighborhood level, just go by crime stats and school test scores. Worst case you'll end up in an asian-heavy neighborhood.

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Look at the name of the author of the map. If the name ends in 'stein, it's not an accurate map.

Also, the US census bureau keeps demographic maps

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I was going to suggest NW North Carolina, Banner Elk, Linville Falls--almost no blacks but I have noticed more Muslims at the nearby tourist spot of Grandfather Mtn last few years when we go there in October for the Fall colors--I believe nearby the town of Blowing Rock is 100% White

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Wikipedia gives you general Demographics--For example, we have friends from Cortland, NY State: 99% White city---and Vermont is a very white state overall

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Look for businesses that sell rims. This will most likely indicate a large population of niggers is nearby.

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Also look at the amount of liquor stores vs the amount of supermarkets.

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The politics of the area is more useful for long term planning. Your local government might be inclined to create a nigger problem where one does not exist.

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"How are the schools around here?" is real estate speak for "How's the nigger situation?"

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It's also how leftist commie faggots can be racist without being racist.

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Look at the racial makeup of the area schools. Its public info.

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