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Canada Dry still makes it I believe. Look near the hooch at your grocery store.

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soda stream

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Made in Israel.

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So? It's a very good product.

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There is a white family business out of NYC, they deliver in the traditional bottles, refill them (after cleaning). Not sure if they ship/deliver long distance.

Seltzer is just mildly carbonated water though... Isn't that readily available.

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Safeway store brand.

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They make water carbonaters that use sealed canisters of CO2.

You can make CO2 by combining citric acid and baking soda. If you make too much in your bottle it will even explode.

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The La Croix carbonated water brand (available at most grocery stores) has an unfavored version. It looks like you should be able to find it at Target and Walmart too. You can get it off Amazon if you can’t find it in your area.

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All la croix tastes like garbage water, though.

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Why canned? I didn't even know they made that. There's two liter plastic bottles of the plain stuff

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I live in an earthquake zone. I want something i can stick in the garage in case there is an emergency. Canned water will safely store longer than bottled.

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You may want to consider not living in an earthquake zone.

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If you really need soda water then I'd really consider buying a SodaStream and making your own. The little cartridges of gas that you use should have a long shelf life I would think.