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Putting aside the reality that the justice system ceased functioning for anything other than the purpose of allowing the 1% to control the other 99%, I have a simple answer for you.

In the world of computers; If you can read, you can write. Think about that.

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[NoRagrets@localhost ~]$ ls -la

dr-xr-x---.  3 NoRagrets NoRagrets   4096 May 15 16:45 .
drwxr-xr-x.  1 root      root        4096 Mar  5 10:52 ..
dr-xr-x---.  4 NoRagrets NoRagrets   4096 Mar  5 11:55 Documents
dr-xr-x---. 45 NoRagrets NoRagrets   4096 May 15 16:45 Downloads
dr-xr-x---.  3 NoRagrets NoRagrets   4096 Mar  5 14:22 Pictures
dr-xr-x---.  0 NoRagrets NoRagrets   4096 Mar  5 14:23 Videos


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Only 755 ! At least you are the owner.

Your last memory dump is dated too! Need more frequent memory dumps!

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@Friendshipistragic would be serving 17,000 concurrent life sentences

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I’m having thought crimes right now concerning Mothra.

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There are two Star Trek Voyager episodes that are likely to become real. One is an underground market for bootlegged memories (although positive memories would probably have a legit retail market, per Total Recall). Another is convicted murderers being forced to relive their victim's perspective of the crime, over and over for the rest of their lives.

As for direct effects on criminal trials, false and distorted memories are a real thing - after an event people remember things differently - if this was played back for a jury it could result in unfair convictions, for example when Riker was accused of blowing up a space station in TNG.

I think, like a lie detector, it's a dangerous and poor substitute for forensic evidence.

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That means the transfer of memories in and out of the brain would become a reality, as would the method of doing so. This means the falsification of memories would become a reality as well, as the transfer mechanism only needs to be altered by an outside source.

So, realistically, nothing new outside the invention of Photoshop and real time video manipulation: the rich who have the money to defend themselves will get away with more shit, and the rest of us will experience a tighter grip of tyranny.

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There wouldn't be one. Once soul transfer is possible for the ultrarich, they will kill us all.

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I would just transfer my guilt to everyone else. I already do this, but could use more efficiency.

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This would make fully younger self clones possible. I wouldn’t mind being in my early 30’s again.

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Criminals would have their minds swapped out of bodies of cripples or those with severe physical limitations. Those trapped now would be freed and those who don't respect people would end up in a body that leaves them incapable of harming others.

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