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Maybe. If she was someone with clean habits and good morals and there was no chance my child would be exposed to any diseases via her breast milk, maybe. Otherwise I would find a non-soy formula and use that. It's not ideal but neither is letting a dirty ho nurse my kid.

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It depends. If the nurse fell into a gross lake, then no, I wouldn't let that happen; who knows what bacteria/disease/pollutants may be on the breast. If she fell into clean, uncontaminated water, I wouldn't see the problem.

Probably just best to go with a dry nurse honestly. I wouldn't trust someone who can't stay out of the water.

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gross lake... bacteria/disease/pollutants
clean, uncontaminated water

I thought this was going to be a racial joke.

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I don't even see a setup for a racial joke there. Care to give it a try?

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the more important question is: would you taste test it first to make sure the baby would like it?

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Absolutely especially if she had large breasts that needed to be milked.

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why not the mom?

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I was just thinking about how we don't practice that anymore and womdering how people would feel about it

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I'd hire one for me, forget the kids.