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If you're pathetic enough that you need free shit to survive, you won't stop voting for it until the option is taken away.

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I beg to differ. Waking up minorities to self representation is poison for the democratic White Jewish candidates.

I think waking up "minorities" to the lack of minority self representation is the best way to get people to stop voting democrat.

White Jews are continually presenting themselves as if they can represent the interests of Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, etc.. But the fact of the matter is that NO ONE CAN REPRESENT AN ETHNICITY TO WHICH THEY DO NOT BELONG.

Just like Jews cannot be trusted to represent White interests, Jews cannot be trusted to represent Black, Mexican, etc. interests.

However, I think White Nationalists need to run as Democrats and Republicans. This is our country after all. Why would we ever allow a party which doesn't represent our interests?

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This! My main issue with the whole movement is that we are stating our positions clearly to fucking everyone!! While (((they))) are using every fucking rule in the book - and by book I mean The Elders of mother fuckers / Machiavelli / Prince / The Art of War / and every psychopath's wet dream type play book/ etc... ) - to trick us and and manipulate our people in order to win!!!! We should fucking do the same. Wake up white people! The best way to win is to play as dirty or even dirtier than (((them))) we will NOT win ever if we play clean... Let's figure out what WINNING looks like and work backwards to achieve that goal.

I believe that we will win when we fight one (((enemy))) at a time. That is exactly what (((they))) are doing!!! They don't love immigrants! They don't love Avangelists, they don't like Mexicans and minorites. They are just using them as missiles to hurt us. They will take care of the rest after we are no longer. For the love of Jesus, lets learn from (((them))) and use similar tactics! The end goal is WINNING! I believe that once we overcome the biggest (((threat))) to our existence, the rest is child play. We will be able to take care of the riff raff. The rest does not own us the way (((they))) do. Cut the snake head first. The rest will crumble.

  • I had a few drinks tonight, please excuse my rant as it is coming from straight from my heart and not filtered through my mind as usual.

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Yeah, maybe an all black party could break the democrats and it would never win election outside of the ghetto.

It'd steal votes from the democrats ensuring they can never win and blacks are too stupid to realize they are just throwing away their votes. I'm sure the democrats would figure out how to make them illegal, though.

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19 days and he is weak mouthed. Just spurting shit. Hmm. Boy, crawl back in your hole.

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Remember when Hillary lost because she dismissed everyone that didn't fit her worldview as morally bereft?

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they are both faggots. reps just told us "oh no no, we are not a legitimate secondary option"

these queers cant be consistent on a monthly budget and well let the "government" shutdown but they'll agree to $2Trillion allocation in the amount of time it takes to prepare a decent dinner. they'll drop a transcript and sign it right there... longer than the harry potter collection combined. they arent reading it,they are signing there own paycheck because they are budgeting how much they are paying themselves. an agreement to the amount it takes you to treat reality like a black neighborhood at 3am and stay clear of it.

they will act all dysfunctional, faggy, and inconsistent. but 2-3x a year some real shit needs to get handled it involves likely dropping bombs, funneling money, hiding/lying, or further invasion of rights...these fuckers overnight in silence draft legislation and show up dumbfounded by whats transpired, planning the drafting, presentation, and narrative all in advance.

they have $ in mind and there bi-partisan black dildos up their asses, out the gate BI-PARTISAN always the red flag for FUCKERY incoming, synonym for corruption transpiring. the country and its people are never a thought.

were flies in a venus trap or frogs in an alligators mouth, the snap can happen anytime. timing isnt there yet, things are not in place. dont draw the weapon until you immediately taken a head off.

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Nice job not answering the question. You got those circle jerk points in the bag. Faggot.

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It would be a lot easier if the other (feasible) option weren't "vote republican".

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And this is the correct answer. Your vote doesn’t matter, if you think the problem is people voting Democrat, look in the mirror because you’re no different.

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You don't. They're stupid.

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Beat me to it.

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Democrat is synonymous with stupid, the cure is REAL education in the form of a pill that is red in color.

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So are republicans. Anyone who believes in the two party system should have been swallowed.

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Not only are they stupid, they think anyone who doesn't vote democrat is stupid.

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Republicans and democrats are both fucking stupid. All the intelligent people I know hate both sides. The game is rigged by the rich and they control the media, and both political parties.

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Now THAT'S stupid!

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They're stupid.

They are not as stupid as you think, and you are not as intelligent as you think.

If they dont vote left, they would pretty much have to starve. They are intelligent enough to realize that collective action is their only way, because in a market-based society, they have no fucking chance in hell to compete with whites.

Thats why instead of investing effort to convince stupid, drooling niggers to stop voting for what is their only source of income, it is better to invest effort to end democracy outright. Nobody should be given the vote simply for breathing, especially the most useless people who learned to abuse the voting system as a source of income. Normal people work for money, leftists vote for money. The latter should not be possible. Leftism (you vote for me, I pay you in form of welfare) should not be a valid, allowed political position, and should be banned on a constitutional level, like slavery. And form of democracy which refuses to deal with this obvious bug in the system will sooner or later have to be abolished.

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You put up an add for free stuff on the oposite side of town from the polling place. Set up a maze with free shit signs all through it. Put a bunch of sneakers at the end for them to fight over.

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This is surprising in its rationality and feasibility

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My idea was just drop weed and xbox all over town night before election. Yours is more creative.

Gift cards and sneakers would also work well.

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Get better PR, and you do that by taking over the media. The only reason people vote Democrat is because they believe all the bullshit they're told, because they hear it themselves everywhere. And of course all of the things that go against their narrative is suppressed. Before you can rationalize with them and have a civil discussion, you need to break them out of their shell. And that's not going to happen as long as every form of media is pushing the pro Democrat narrative.

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let's not forget purging the indoctrination centers otherwise known as k-12 public schools.

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Here's where conservatives consistently shoot themselves in the foot. They advocate for low teacher pay and taking away benefits, then complain that schools aren't filled with successful conservative teachers. Dude. How can people be this stupid?

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Ya. You get out of a mess by going backwards of exactly how you got into it.

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The appeal of liberalism is that it's sooooooo easy. You don't have to do a goddamn thing, to the point of letting people from the third world take your country over, you're still doing great. You repeat what you heard them say on late night television, it's the exact same opinion that your friends, relatives, people at work, in the cafe, your representatives repeat ad nauseam.

You're in the club. To knock somebody out of that stupor can only be accomplished one way that I've ever found, which is get some other liberals mad at them. You have to drop just the lightest of red pills on them, one they fully endorse and agree with. The rest will come crashing down in time.

To truly leave liberalism is something that has to be done on one's own and the single best way is that they get kicked out.

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Wise and well put

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That's pretty genius.

It will probably be pretty hard to find something they fully agree with because most pro-gun liberals are actually anti-gun and want California A rated gun control laws everywhere. Even Chicago gets a B+ gun control rating, so if it were up to those 'pro-gun' liberals, Chicago's guns would have to be stored at home at all times in a safe.

Which red pill did you find that a liberal fully endorsed and agreed with?

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For me, it was that Donald Trump never said anything racist. That got me kicked out of the left so fast it made my head spin, everything else, including becoming pro gun came after.

At this point I'm waiting for the moment where I realise Hitler did something wrong outside of being a socialist.

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Living in CA you could get a concealed carry if you are a business owner and have to deliver money to a bank, and also has to be considered to carry. There in hand is the loop hole.

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Stop solely arguing facts and use emotional arguments.

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Never get into a mud wrestling match with a pig. You won't get anywhere, and the pig likes it.

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I'd day "kill them" but we all know dead people only vote democrat.

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