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After working for multiple 250 person companies and being in positions where i must meet and work with literally all employees my experiences are as follows:


No high school ----> Ultra retard people. Avoid.

3 year skilled trade high school ---> Not dumb but too "simple" people. Lack of money limits imagination. Also fun people.

4 year "proper" high school ---> Actually smart people. Fun and easy to get along with. The absolute sweet spot.

College ---> Smart but insufferable cunt people. Especially engineers. Not fun allowed. The lamest of the lame.

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Several rotations in the military -> 5ish years of college -> bunch of drunken fuckheads I would lay down my life for.

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Maybe you're not a cunt because you're not a mechanical engineer.

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If you are talking about fun to work with, the engineers have to watch over the company's interests like a hawk. Getting lazy and letting a single mistake happen can cost tens of millions, end their career, even get them thrown in jail. It's not that they are not fun, it's that for them what looks like simple office work is actually a high stakes tightrope walk without a net.

Source: am an engineer who once had to recall my hospital medical equipment we made because the circuit boards had accidentally been exposed to static electricity at a defective work bench. (The kind with lights and power outlets built in.) Then had to take apart and inspect and test all the work benches.

Outside of work I like them the best. It's rarely Sally Diploma who shoots things with her customized gun collection, or builds and races her own stock car.

Machinists are nice too. You know they are patient and laid back by counting their fingers.

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Nah. They all believe they should be head of engineering department in NASA. So when they get a task of designing a steel staircase, they get pissy because they think its beneath them. And then they do a shit job at designing even a steel staircase.

They get pissy about failures that have nothing to do with them and for witch they won't be held accountable by the boss. Things such as material procurement delays, wrong paint ordered etc.

They are notorious for having no clue on tolerances. Ether thy make everything +/- 0.000000000000000001mm out of fear they will make a bad design, or they make everything +/- 100000000mm because they have no idea what they are doing.

They also make unnecessary complexities that are difficult to produce due to a lack of imagination and interest in observing production processes. Then tech have to run after them and change up their shit design behind their backs that ends up doing the same job but with production time cut 30%. Then they get pissy again because a tech who is beneath them made a significantly better design.

Further more, they are often crude in their sense of aesthetics. Its usually possible to make a product not just functional and cheap to make, but also beautiful. They are absolutely lost in that department. When called out they will say shit like "its just a machine i don't care what it looks like". Say that to Apple/Ferrari/CZ/etc...that a products appearance isn't important.

Outside of work they are usually into faggy sports like soccer or ultra long range cycling in gay looking tights. If they have an expensive gun collection, they don't actually shoot them, its just a wine party talking point. If you force them out to the range they get embarrassed by a dumbaas glock shooter.

If they build a race car, its a mall strip cruiser, not once will its tires touch the pavement of a race track. All show, no go.

Source: am a tech who fixes up engineers designs to make them do the same job with 30% production cost reduction and improved aesthetics and durability.

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One time, growing up, my younger brother and I found a 100 dollar bill beside the road. We were really excited about it but my dad made us give it to him to "hold onto" until our family vacation a few months later. About a month later there was a huge counterfeiting operation busted in an old factory building about 50 yards from where we found our $100. I was not even 10 years old at the time so I never put 2 and 2 together and it was another couple decades before it occurred to me that my dad had given my brother and I $100 from his own pocket for Easter vacation that year. In conclusion, my dad was visited annually by the feds for some kind of debriefing but he never revealed if that was connected to the $100 find.

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Me and friend once found 50$ and spent all of it on candy bars. Ate all of them in one setting. Barely managed not to vomit.

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Pajeet/islamo-fag spammers get quite irate when called out about the spamming.

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Make sure to include anti india anti pakistan anti muslim tipple insult so you know you hit the mark.

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You wouldn't think this qualifies as "interesting", but it does ;-)

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The level of irate screeching is the interesting part.

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Your work experience and the connections you make with folks will matter much more than your degree. Do you think Yale and Harvard are elite because they do the best job? No, they're elite because you meet all the other rich kids there. Maintain relationships with people even after you leave a company, and don't burn your bridges with people even if they pissed you off. Many times the people you stay in touch with will help lead you on to new jobs or contracts you couldn't have found about otherwise.

Do good work, get along with others, and be proactive in looking for problems to solve before they blow up. Those three things will put you a hundred yards ahead of most chucklefucks in terms of work performance. Don't become a kiss-ass and try to get recognized for everything, instead become the dependable person who a boss can count on to "make it happen" even when they're not watching.

If you're doing a good job and your employer is paying you shit for it or refuses to recognize you, then make plans to leave. Once you have something new lined up, talk to your boss about it. Coming to the table with leverage and a backup plan is good practice for basically any situation.

Finally, know the huge difference between shit written on paper and shit that might happen. Millennials will bitch about impossible job requirements but that's the HR department's wish list. All you really need to do to get hired is get the manager you'll be working under to say "we need that guy." HR will never stop bitching, nobody listens to them really.

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This is good advice. I use to work for a mushroom farm and they clearly wanted me there. I was on good terms with the managers, I was friends with the guy from corporate. I was the only person who spoke English so they needed me to train new employees. And I left, they were begging me to stay and I burned my bridges. Even though I hated that job I regret burning my bridges. But I was a dumb teenager and it was my first job

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Sometimes I wish someone had given me this advice when I was a kid - then I remember all the times my dad had given me this advice and I was too stupid to listen.

Ahh well. Experience is the best teacher and all.

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Yes to everything.

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You'll break your teeth if you try chewing through hospital restraints.

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Username checks out.

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Drunk me managed to wiggle out of them like 6 times in a couple hours the one time I've been in them. I legit wasn't even trying to go anywhere, I just wanted to be able to move my arms and after the third time it was more like a game where even my nurse thought it was hilarious.

Even security was fairly amused to come back to me sitting up and waving at them since I wasn't causing any trouble, just being a pain in the ass.

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I was DT'ing like a motherfucker. I had just quit junk, and was too sick to keep drinking. I knew it was bad but had no clue how deep I was really in. Shit went south fast. I kept trying to escape, for God knows what reason. No idea what I was thinking, they told me later it took 8mg of Ativan to sedate me. Realizing later that this is the dose used in the Looney bin made me reevaluate my shit. Lucklily, I have a small head and managed to get it out if my ass.

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Around blacks never relax

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The FBI is a bunch of bumbling nincompoops. I say this because me and my family lived in Florida for a few years the tale of end of which was when the Oklahoma City bombing happened. But because we were out of the city when it happened and came back shortly afterwards my parents were interviewed by the FBI.

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Last year, I made around $800 (maybe $1,000) because I listened to Rush Limbaugh.

A big hurricane was heading to Florida, and CNN was talking like it was the end of the world. Rush said he thought they were just hyping it up because they needed something to talk about, but then the media freaked out about that. Long story short, I bought a bunch of stock in a hurricane insurance company - don't even remember the name, but I seem to remember it had an elephant as its mascot. After the hurricane did (practically) no damage, my stock shot up and I sold.

Moral: Never trust CNN.

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Rush would advise buying coal too ;-) I like Rush.

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Cool story, bro.

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