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She is absolutely beautiful but does not know hiw to manage her life. Constantly letting mexicans and niggers into her and getting abused for it. She has stopped caring for herself and it's showing.

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Plus she has a huge std problem.

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It's not a problem if it's legal goyim

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She used to be the hottest girl in the world but now she is past her prime, has aids, a black baby, a brown baby, and is homeless.

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Smart and pretty in high school but she hung out with the wrong crowd and her life fell apart.

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Gorgeous and worth fighting to save, but ruining her life and her body due to her political beliefs and her deep immorality. Probably best to not get in bed with her.

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Diseased, possibly terminal. Has lyce, crabs, toe fungus, smelly vagina looks more like a wound due to being post op.

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I got you covered in one word!


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FUCK!! I'm covered in CANCER!

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She's the hot white girl with dad issues that fucks niggers and spics just to get back at daddy. Then she becomes a stripper to free herself and make quick cash. She gets a sugar daddy but after a he gets what he needs he sends the money somewhere else (the jews). After that she becomes addicted to drugs and starts asking anyone for money in exchange for sex. After a while she realizes her life went wrong and asks everyone else to bail her out because it's not her fault her choices got her where they did.

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Hot and sweaty but teeming with AIDS

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