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Describe your camping. I am more of a causal out of a car type camper and bring a cooler that I can keep meat and eggs in for a couple of days. So hamburgers cooked on whatever cast iron pan or griddle I bring with me. Bacon and Eggs. Not sure how much you assume those are not healthy. Chicken thighs and /or breasts are also good for a couple of days in the cooler. With some potatoes and carrots, you can do a foil pack with your chicken and or hamburgers. Bring some Italian dressing or BBQ for flavor in the packs. I also tend to pack some bratwurst or kielbasa, but those may be a bit too processed for you.

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Oatmeal, rice, potatoes, beans, onions, tuna, a flask of olive oil( I really use a flask for olive oil ) depending where you go can look for wild food, hunt and fish. I have used the backpacking meals but alot salt and cost a bit

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Not to mention, those backpack meals often have soy additives in place of meat...

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I know mountain house beef meals have soy but the chicken ones don't not sure why, but a good warning

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Go to a dollar store and get a bunch of bags of nuts and seeds and mix them into separate sandwich bags. I did this while hiking the lone star trail last month. For a total of around $12 I had 6 bags of about 2500-3500 calories each. Doesn't get much healthier and budget friendly than that.

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My friends and I would just bring some biscuits. Everybody stands in a circle around the biscuit and you jack off the guy to your right. Last person to shoot the biscuit has to eat it. Timmy was always the first one to cum and he never ate the biscuit lol

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How you pack your cooler can matter a lot! Freeze some bottles of water or gatorade, and let those be your ice source. It'll keep everything cool without becoming a slush box. Keep everything that doesn't need refrigeration out of the cooler and you'll have a ton of space.

Aluminum foil is your best goddamn friend. You can roast potatoes, sure, but you can also wrap up a grilled cheese sandwich the same way.

Cold cut sandwiches are excellent. Get a half pound of turkey/ham/roast beef and some sliced cheese from the store, plus a bottle of mayo and mustard. Keep a loaf of bread outside the cooler and you'll be able to make a LOT of sandwiches on very little cooler space. Cheese keeps for longer than meat, so if you bring double or triple the cheese you can do grilled cheese sandwiches with this system as well. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches require no refrigeration at all, but that much bread can get bulky.

Bagels are similar: put the cream cheese or jam in the cooler, keep the bagels in a bag outside it.

GORP. Make some Good Old Raisins and Peanuts trail mix! Seriously. Buy several pounds of peanuts and raisins, then let the kids pick a few additives like M&Ms or almonds. It keeps without refrigeration and it's a great snack to keep energy up.

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I wrap salmon in aluminum foil and cook it on the bbq grill. I also do potatoes slices with cheese and a bit of butter in the same way. Also steam some veggies in tin foil again. Best part is you can wash the tin foil and recycle it.

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Slice up an apple and some veggies to add into that salmon!

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Rabbit is almost all white meat. Skin it and roast it over a fire.

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Can o' beans.

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