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well for groups like the chinese and the waves of people coming out of other socialist nations, they represent a 5th column in service of communist regimes. For women the gibs policies of socialism obviously have their draw. These people are like business tourists, they don't care if this country gets destroyed, they can just go back home once things get too kiked and the shekels run dry.

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Maybe they just really like kimchi?

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Why did anti-semites support Trump when he is a huge supporter of Israel and his daughter married into a jewish family?

Because they view them as the lesser evil.

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Half-asian here. I don't support any party - I ascribe to the view of George Washington that all political parties are bad. That being said, I find it helpful to read about each candidate on a ballot and vote for whoever I think best represents me. Often, in recent years, that has been the democratic party, but my ballot will be a mix in any given year.