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not just them, but MANY other elites

ask yourself why Christianity now is "offensive", but satanists can operate publicly as a "joke".

the satanists religious operation is that karma is shared and mutual in the universe, and that to abuse dark powers attracts bad karma. to combat this, they distribute negative karma to others as an offering on large scale to earn back that good karma. they abuse and hurt people, so that they themselves dont get dragged to hell

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Luficarianism. How it's different I don't know.

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It’s actually cannibalism that democrats worship, that’s why they adopt subsaharran cannibals.

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You can find more info here:


It's an introduction to Pizzagate. Members of both parties are Luciferians, and rape and traffic kids. The publishing of John Podesta's emails by Wikileaks in 2016 has lead to the Pizzagate investigation, which has been focusing on the Dems - Hillary Clinton and her friends.

Chelsea Clinton sent Happy New Year wishes to the Church of Satan on Twitter in January 2018.

Luciferianism is not about worshipping Satan, but to aggrandize the ego, striving to become a powerful, god-like person, neglecting all taboos. Many bankers are Luciferians too. Child-sacrifice is part of the game.

If you want to get an idea, just use the google image search, and look for 'Tony Podesta Art'. John Podesta's brother has been collecting paintings of dead and tortured children, and pedophile photographs. He worked as a lobbyist for the Dems, and almost nobody took offence until Pizzagate broke.

You can find our current research on v/pizzagate.

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They are godless commies.

We should treat them as such.

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You sir are a lunatic and a moron!

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