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i think the closest you can get to your idea is spreading the 8 hours into naps through out the day. another cool body hack I learned the other day is fasting for a day. Apparently that one day of fasting gives your body new stem cells!

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It actually does, but you have to truely fast. Meaning the ONLY thing you can ingest is water. Period. Any calories from any source and the ketosis process is fucked

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You can absolutely initiate ketosis without fasting, and immune stem cell regeneration has nothing to do with ketosis. Ketosis is just your body's metabolic method of dealing with a lack of glucose. Glucose is harvested from carbohydrates and can be generated from excess amino acids through gluconeogenesis. In short, if you just drink oil/eat butter/etc. and/or eat small amounts of protein (or the stoichiometric equivalent your body needs to maintain/repair itself), you'll initiate ketosis once your body burns up all its glucose.

You can certainly jump start it by fasting, but basically going carb-free will initiate it without fasting.

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what about marijuana?

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ive heard you can sleep 3 hours per day by taking 6 30 minute naps. the concept is that any time you try to sleep yo uinstantly enter cicadian sleep. knew a guy that did this he said he felt like he was dieing while doing it until his body finally got accustomed to it. cant remember how long it took him to get there tho

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I knew an oldtimer who worked in some kind of car factory for 50 years and he said he'd take a 15 minute nap every two hours, six days a week.

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Doing the spreading thing through naps... Well, you can condense your sleep into 2 hours

Problem is that a certain kind of sleep ends up missing, which makes your thinking slower. At least that's what I experienced when I tried it for about 2 months

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Apparently that one day of fasting gives your body new stem cells!

Any reliable source for that?

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Everyone is different. You can run on lack of sleep for a long time, but it will catch up to you eventually. When it does you best hope you have insurance and your final affairs in order.

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I routinely got insufficient sleep for a couple of years working graveyard shift. I was pretty mentally unwell as a result, I don't recommend it.

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It's actually good to at least sometimes go with less. In fact, your body is ALREADY adapted to an alternative sleep cycle. First, to the 24 hour day, which occured over time. Second, to monophasic sleep, which only developed over the last 100 or so years. So yeah, literally 100-200 years ago your ancestors slept differently than you do.

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they slept more.

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Going without any sleep can be seriously detrimental to your well being. I've been a poor sleeper all my life. I manage about 4 hours on a good night and have adjusted to that amount. Exercise definitely helps me feel better. Even something as simple as a long walk with the dogs helps.

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this is so true, the best thing you can do is to try your best to sleep / wake at the same times every day, when I manage to get a nice sleeping streak going my mood gets a boost, I feel more alert, and I have more energy for working out and all that garbage.

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Natural sleep is best. Not drunken sleep or pill-induced sleep.

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It can if your fitness level improves.

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No. Anything less than 7 to 9 hours and your cognitive and physical abilities rapidly decline. Source: Matt Walker, neuro science...

here is a whole podcast that tells ya all about it https://youtu.be/pwaWilO_Pig

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Yes. It's not fun and there are severe drawback but it can. I spent about 4 years as an adult going on two hours and 3 as a teen.

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