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I work hard and get home tired. Got to cook, work out, and get to bed on time.

Spare hours are precious.

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I was going to reply to you saying the exact same thing in more words and realized that was dumb right after I hit submit.

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Exactly this. I am not getting any younger and I already have some fairly serious health issues. After work and working out, household stuff, etc I am fucking beat.

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I don't feel like I have the skill set. I am practically retired at 28, and this is my passion, but it kills me knowing I would crumble in the spotlight. I hate being around a lot of people, and I can't speak confidently in public.

I look around and I don't see anyone with the right skill set stepping up though so sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't try. I have great empathy for the men with jobs, careers, mortgages and so forth who can't afford to open their mouths. I can afford to retire if I need to; they can't touch me on those points.

And am I too immature? How would I stop myself making some outrageous joke from the chans that alienates people who were maybe curious to hear more? How long can I go before saying/doing something irreparably autistic? Even Jordan Peterson, with his clarity and eloquence, cites this fear of making one big error as his greatest fear in his new role.

Am I too lazy? Do I have the face for it (I'm no Brad Pitt)? Am I willing to have my past dug up and exposed to the public, to my mother?

It's too easy to do nothing.

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And am I too immature? How would I stop myself making some outrageous joke from the chans that alienates people who were maybe curious to hear more?

The beauty of being independently wealthy is you wouldn't have to refrain from that kind of thing. Actually it's exactly what the system needs - more people just saying it like it is. Political correctness is killing this country. (I get the whole not wanting to be in the spotlight though. If you can work through that, do it. We need honest people in government)

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Take public speaking and debate classes. Almost every skill can be taught with enough time and dedication.

Look at trump though, he keeps his speaking to a 5th grade level so he won’t fuck up. We can’t all be as eloquent as Jordan Peterson, but there’s certainly room in politics for an honest conservative/libertarian who sticks to his convictions and doesn’t sell out the cause for a fist full of shekels.

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This sounds like it could be an entry from Hemingway's diary (apart from the contemporary references); something he wouldn't want people to read.

On a more serious note, I empathise with everything you wrote.

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The good old boy club isn't accepting new members this week.

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Just look up the monthly political party meetings and eat their snacks and drink their wine, it’s a start.

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I get a lot of invites but I don’t have $250 for their stupid dinners.

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Busy being a wage slave.

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Well, the fact that any political interests in my city are either dark fucking blue or "racist" has something to do with it. I didn't choose to be a "racist", it's my only opinion at this point.

I have a job and a wife. I have shit riding on the fact that I keep my mouth shut about the sensitive topics. I dunno. It sucks, but that's just how this bullshit works in the city.

I plan on moving, but I can't swing it right now.

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I live in San Diego... Im not interested in being publicly flogged for thinking the border should be more secure.

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Oh don't even. COP OUT. I just moved from San Diego....its majority Republican! C'mon man. It's the last conservative stronghold in CA. Even my BIL who's heritage is Mexican believes in the wall. Everyone there does.

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Then don't tell them that's your position.

If they go and vote for someone that hasn't told them anything, it's their own fault.

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Nothing. I really should get involved. Even if all I do is attend some town hall meetings.

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I'm the wrong race.

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Tomorrow starts at 4:00 am, I have a 10 hour shift doing a cabling build out. After that I have to study for a Calculus Exam and I need to do well on it because my grades have been slipping cause I'm working more than I's studying.

At some point I have to walk the dog, hes a golden/collie mix so he needs at least 45 minutes outside or I feel awful.

I also need to eat somewhere in my day. And sleep.

Oh, and my girlfriend occasionally requires attention.

My weekends are normally used up with cleaning or doing something to relax, not politics.

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