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The statue and the note are representations of a period of time in Americas history. It obviously doesn't represent today's values, especially with the jewish push for muslim and unskilled labor immigration, and only fools would use it as basis for an argument about current day policy.

Things change over time. I am sure there is/was a sign or plaque that stated a particular hatred for the British Empire. The people that made that sign and believed that message are long gone, but it doesn't mean it wasn't true at the time. Even if people today don't agree in today's world.

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It was written by a ethnocentric zionist Jew named Emma Lazarus. Probably a communist as well.

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You repeat yourself.

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The statue of liberty was a gift from a french free mason. That should indicate enough about the ideas behind the statue.

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They were playing the ol' long con trick!

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The note was written by a jew. It was never American.

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Lol at all these iconoclasts replying to you. No better than antifa tearing down Confederate statues.

Different sides of the same retarded coin.

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I know a group of folks who are real keen on modifying old statues to fit their politics - maybe give them a call?

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Oh look, a misguided fool on voat. Who'da thunk it?

You may actually be onto something though, let the niggers tear it down and take the heat. Brilliant!!

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Get dat whyte lady offa dat pedestal!!

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That plaque wasn’t originally on it.

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And even if it was originally on it... fuck it. We're in a war with these people now.

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"in god we trust" wasn't originally on our currency either.

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I know a group of folks who are real keen on modifying old statues to fit their politics

Is it the Jews? Did the jews add the plaque after the statue was built?

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The poem, The New Colossus was written by (((Emma Lazarus))) in 1883. Though Lazarus died and went to hell in 1887, one of her fellow grifters (((Georgina Schuyler))) led the campaign to defile the beacon of freedom with healthy dose of Cultural Marxism in 1901. The plaque was placed in 1903 in the hopes the message would attract others from their (((shifty band of grifters))).

Every. Fucking. Time.

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Yes. It was put there long after by a fucking jew.

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Not that long, as I just learned after another thread inspired me to go look it up. Statue was built in 1880's, '86 I think. The plaque begging for garbage was added in 1903.

I also just learned that the statue itself was built to celebrate niggers being freed, not at all what I have believed all my life.

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The plaque begging for garbage was added in 1903.

Right, everyone believes it came with the statue - not added almost a decade later by the kikes. It was added by that jew cunt to flood our nation with their pets to keep us all distracted while they plundered our country. It fucking worked. Time to rip that fucking plaque off and place on Israels doorstep, I say.

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Wait what? I thought they were built because the US and France both went through violent revolutions to gain their liberty. I'm nearly positive this is what I was taught in school.

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The reason that this worked so well was because it was during a time when America didn't have all this welfare state nonsense, and when we had a pro-American culture where people were expected to integrate in order to be accepted.

We hear lots of stories about all the immigrants who used to come here, and established the founding stock of America. But we rarely hear about the fact that it wasn't very uncommon for people to come here, find out they couldn't make it on their own or that they didn't fit in with Americans, and left.

That was a much preferable situation to what we have now, in my opinion, and that's what the statue represents in my mind - if you're smart, hard working, and can integrate into our culture, you will have the freedom to make it on your own.

But, even if we decide that this is no longer how it should work, there is still this issue - that plaque has been part of our national history for over a century. We can change our policy without having to erase the evidence of our history.

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It’s important to remind people that those words were for Europeans only and when it was still law that 90% of America be European. It would have been far easier to just allow in Mexicans but we didn’t because people were “racist” back then.

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No. Absolutely not. She's a major artifact of history, and that is how it was then. We don't try to hide references to things from the past because they're not what we like now (however well-based that dislike is).

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yes. take it down. it's no different than those child abusers that hijacked someone else's work to put a statue of a little girl in front of a rampaging bull statue. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France and it had no such imprecations placed upon it. It was a parasitical move to place something completely irrelevant on the work.

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It should've never been allowed here.

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