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Watch your back.

They don't take no well.

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That's my biggest concern as well because I order a lot of stuff from Amazon. Going to install security cameras soon.

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You might have to buy/build a drop box or start using Amazon lockers.

Niggers will always ask people for a dollar all the damn time.

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Even before those camera come in. Make a sign with a Smiley face that says "smile, you're on camera". Dumb fuck will not know if you do or dont have cams.

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Don't forget to practice good security now that you know you have someone desperate for money living nearby.

It can be tempting to skip basic common sense things when you leave your house and don't expect to be gone long (walking the dog, etc). Cameras help but you'd be surprised how often they don't get a good enough shot of the perp's face to seal a conviction.

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I love my Ring doorbells. Shit costs a little if you want to save the recordings ($3 month per device or $10 unlimited devices) but so worth it. Things notify me every time someone approaches the door and lets me yell at them if I want to, all from wherever I am. Nothing like some kid coming up to play ding-dong-ditch and winding up scared from the doorbell talking to them. There are other similar devices but I can't speak to them as I haven't tried them.

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And watch your shit. They steal

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"Listen neighbor, I don't know your life; but in no way will money help you. You see... the Jews..." That's your segue (seg way); teach him why he is poor, and will amount to fuck all; cause Jews. And above all, make him hate Jews. Do your duty for your race.

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*your segue

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I think you mean seig heil

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It was more fun imagining some white guy on a Segway talking down to his black neighbor over financial matters and the Jews and why he isn't about to lend him any money.

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corrected, thank you.

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Listen to this wise man, OP.

But in seriousness, just tell him that you already gave him money through the welfare system. Okay wasn't serious enough, but that will do.

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This is generally my approach. The last time i had a black ask me for money i said "you already got it".

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Don't ever loan a nigger money. He's going to you because he thinks you're a chump and will do it. Make up a back story, tell him how sick your [insert family member here] is, that's where all your spare money goes, then go into great detail about their illness make it graphic. Take his time up and make him listen, throw in random details about topics niggers find boring, politics, math, mayonnaise. It drives them nuts and repulses them.

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Also, mention how you're in severe debt too.

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After reading all the comments, some of which are helpful, I would suggest to man up. Tell him with conviction next time that you won't lend him money and that this is the last time you are going to discuss it. No need to lie or create a back story. "I'm not lending you money and you will never ask me again. Got it!"

But I do agree get a camera as we all know that if he has the moral sense to ask for money from a stranger then you know what kind of moral ineptitude he has. I would be ashamed to beg for money.

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Well if you want you're house robbed sure that works, you have to some how identify with him in order for him to fuck off with out pissing a nigger off or disrespecting a nigger, if you don't mind the possibility of a break in or some kind of altercation when it could of been avoided then go ahead.

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Identify with him? Are we supposed to coddle the poor negro? A response that exudes confidence in one's resolve is far more effective than a half ass concoction of sorts. Sorry, but by my experience with many hostile individuals of many nationalities is to be firm and precise. I do suggest getting some home alarm or video protection but I am confident that speaking with authority is always the best way to deal with a parasite.

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Thanks, I needed to hear this. I have been politely saying, "No, I am sorry" and shut the door real fast so I don't have to deal with his reaction. I probably need to stare him down until he leaves next time.

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No problem and good luck. Saying "no" with conviction is one if the most difficult things to say to someone. But it you say it with conviction and close the door on the subject you will realise what power you have.

A little backstory on me is that I lived in urban settings and have even been homeless in my youth. Drug dealers, gangs, pimps all the best that society offers. Living in that kind of world taught me that being firm and at the same time righteous saved me from the scavengers. They will steal all that you love and pick your bones if you don't defend yourself.

Get the camera though :) Even if it is a dummy rig. Blacks don't like being on camera unless they are getting paid or are auditioning for Worldstar.

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Tell him you already donate to his cause. It's called welfare funded by Joe taxpayer

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Exactly. When he said he's going to pay me back with his welfare check I thought to myself, "He's going to pay me back with my money?"

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Shoot that nigger dead the next time he sets foot on your property. Tell the cops he was breaking in.

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He is the reason why my mossberg is loaded in my closet and ready to go at any given moment.

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Watch out for that loose receiver pin, whatever you do don't drop it or knock it hard when SHTF or the pin can cause a critical jam.


source: mine

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When you look at them when speaking, never look into their eyes, look at their eyebrows, it gives the impression you are looking in their eyes, and makes you appear more dominant, while avoiding them from putting you into a transe or for them to read your true intentions, I will say it again, look at their eyebrows when talking, never in their eyes, works on everybody.

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Your closet? When your home it should be beside you! Haha my AR is beside me a lot of the time when I'm home

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Any time anyone asks to borrow money from me, I say: "Sorry mate, I don't lend money to friends."

If they ask why then I just say that something outside of their control might prevent them from paying back and would lead to a falling out between us, and that you don't want to take that risk. Emphasise the "something outside of their control" to prevent them from getting offended that you are accusing them of being dishonourable (even though that is what you really mean).

Usually they get the hint after this.

Remember this is your neighbour OP, getting aggressive should be the last resort. You don't want to be constantly dealing with bullshit over this until one of you moves.

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I am going to escalate.

inb4 murder trial

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but he dindu nuffin....

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