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but no one I know uses linux.

If no one you knows jumps off a bridge... no wait..

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I have but my experience is limited to mint and ubuntu. I liked it, I like it a lot, especially mint. I keep meaning to go back but there were always issues that needed to be dealt with in a windows world. Printer wouldn't connect, music had to be reloaded to yet another player, did I download the right wireless adapter, their versions of chess just weren't as good, so on and so on.

It's not really a good excuse, linux IS better, it's just the change that sucks.

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linux IS better

I wouldn't say that. It really depends on your use case. For someone like my mom, Linux would be a nightmare. She wants to buy whatever cheap ass Chinese camera/scanner/USB thingy and plug it in and it work. Linux won't give her that but Windows has yet to fail her (although where her files wind up is always a mystery for me to figure out). She wants to install that little card game she saw on some website so she can play it and does not want to hear that her system can't run it. Windows plug and play is light years ahead of most Linux distros.

On the bright side, all of this is getting better. Try Manjaro. That shit has picked up everything I have thrown at it and installed drivers right away. Play on Linux has fixed the issue for most of those shit little games my mom runs even if it can't make some of mine run. Were it not for the fact that my dad has a piece of software he has to run for his job that will not run on Linux at all, I would probably try to move them over and wait for the problems. They are not going to dual boot just for that software.

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Not sure if you shilling or something, but literally anything i've ever plugged to my Ubuntu connects and works instantly, even obscure Chinese brand controllers from 2003. The list includes 1 printer, 1 camera, 1 SD card reader, said controllers, at least 5 different phones, at least 10 different usb sticks, 2 external hard drives, 1 multi-usb splitter, 3 tablets, 3 different speaker sets, 2 different screens, and a lot more things i am sure i'm forgetting. On Windows i'd need some obscure drivers to run them, Linux simply is plug and go.

Not trying to say Windows is not useful, but its main use is popularity and thus amount of compatibility with modern "must-have" software.

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My mom (late 60s) and dad (70s) run mint on my old laptop.. Works great for them. FYI, my dad called me and asked how to cypy and paste text without taking a picture of the screen with a camera then uploading the image the other night. NOT a skilled user.

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so,,,, you're saying linux IS better in your moms case because a cheap piece of shit chinese camera not installing its drivers virus is pretty much the most minor issue she has

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Mint user here. Much better than Windows except for high end graphics/music software, and there are probably Linux distros specifically for those things too.

No viruses. Rarely ever crashes compared to Windows. Free. Open source. Very stable. Has the same familiar desktop and start menu, and can run Windows exes with an emulator (WINE).

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and can run Windows exes with an emulator (WINE)

Wine Is Not an Emulator.

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Huh, weird. My Windows machine never crashes. I keep hearing Mac and Linux users say this, but I never experience it, and haven't since Win 7. Now on 10

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There are plenty of vulnerabilities in any Linux distro, especially open source ones. Run OpenVAS and see for yourself.

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My experience is similar. If it wasn't for gaming I would have switch completely years ago. Now I running mint and I'm really enjoying it. It's feeling much easier to deal with compared to years ago when I first started dual booting.

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Partition your hard drive, when you need to print or play music use Windows and when you need to look at depraved midget pornography or order a midget hooker use Linux.

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I've been using Linux for a year and a half, Voat got me started on it. I'm using ArchLinux because I like having the newest packages and not having big jumps between versions. It also has the best wiki+forums. I started with Linux Mint, but that was too easy and I wanted to learn more. I'm now considering Gentoo.

It's good for everything, except some games don't work, and some software I need, like MS SQL server and Visual Studio. But that's what virtual machines are for.

Browsers, libre office, IntelliJ IDEA, vim, gimp, blender, emulators and most games that I care about work perfectly well and I really like how in Linux you can customize every little UI piece to have a dark theme.

You should try using the terminal as much as you can because once you learn the commands, you can automate stuff using shell scripts.

/v/Linux is pretty good. You will notice that some users are on a crusade against systemd. They will tell you it's terrible and a backdoor, but I think that's exagerrated. They always fail to point out what exactly the problem with it is, other than the guy who made it is a cunt. Trying to be systemd-free seems like a pain in the ass, don't try doing it as a new user. Moving away from Microshaft is enough to deal with at first.

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They will tell you it's terrible and a backdoor, but I think that's exagerrated. They always fail to point out what exactly the problem with it is

So being unable to determine what's in a binary blob doesn't bother you?

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Why does an 'init' system need an http server, if not to phone home with your data?

Systemd is very much virus like, sweeping the linux landscape like a plague. Why should some random program I've been using for years now have the systemd_virus as a dependency? Unless there is some malicious jew faggotry going on.

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I like systemd.

But, it has issues resolving certain DNS results. An example would be attempting to use Outlook email with Thunderbird (or any email client) and it won't resolve the smtp or imap addresses. The solution is to hard code them into your hosts file.

But, should systemd even be responsible for DNS queries?

I like it. I like the analyze and blame switches. But, it's far from a panacea. There are legitimate complaints.

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systemd is change and many are resistant to that. There are some arguments that hold weight (mainly the bloat and feature-creep ones that point to how it is becoming mandatory for Linux distros to use and that is bad) but most are just folks who want to complain.

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Linux and the BASH shell will make you more powerful that you can imagine.

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I feel like there needs to be some evil laughter after that sentence. I would however then ask, what exactly that means? I think what we need to start with is what do you use a computer for, and why do those 2 items make you more "powerful" for said computer usage.

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1) Speed. The shell is fast. Manipulating files, services, and anything computer related can be done in seconds compared to wading through graphic interfaces. Re-run previous commands by pressing control-r and a few letters to pattern match. No need to retype out the command, it predicts what you want. Smooth and feel-good terminal programs with changeable colors.

2) Automation. Put various commands inside a native .sh script and have it do things. Includes if/then, such as if a file or directory exists or if you got a response from ping. Shell has an input/output format to string various sub-programs together. There are tens of thousands of very old programs which can be launched via the shell, they can be combined together in countless ways to do nearly anything. Output of one program becomes the input of another.

3) Longevity. Shell programs don't really change, at least not in 10 years or so. Like an old friend, you can count on it.

4) Power. Edit data mid stream, connect via encrypted connections to other machines securely with at any random port you choose, mirror file systems and only copy the changed files. Check the owners of a domain, port scan remote machines. All of the above can be put in shell scripts. The cron daemon can launch these for you when you are gone. Simulate web page connections, scrape data and input to a database.

5) Stability. Uptime in years. Difficult to kill off the OS, reinstall when you choose not when it breaks.

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I use both Linux Mint and Windows 10. Linux I use for everything except the Windows specific tools.

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Do you dual boot or use a VM? If the latter, are you able to game or use 3D intensive apps okay?

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3D intensive apps and games run like garbage in a vm.

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I have a complicated answer. Since Linux is free I have multiple versions of it, most of them on VM.

  • Regular (Mint)
  • Development (Ubuntu)
  • Porn
  • Experimental (Ubuntu, Mint,...)

I also have one that resided on SSD (USB) only and can be booted from an USB without Windows knowledge. This way I can shield Windows from accessing my NAS drives that are all password protected.

I don't play games anymore.

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Manjaro for daily driver, Mint for gaming.

I'm willing to bet there are quite a few Linux users hereabouts.

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Fuck yeah... Love it. Linux is like water I the desert of ifags and winfags. Love Linux.

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Linux is like water I the desert of ifags and winfags. Love Linux


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I exclusively run Linux. More to the point, I run only free-libre software and Linux happens to be the best operating system for that at the moment. I consider the dominance of proprietary operating systems to be one of the great tragedies of our era. Don't be complicit.

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On the flip-side, FOSS has penetrated society to quite a significant degree. A world without rms evangelizing and eating toe cheese would be a much darker place for software.

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