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Yeah but that is because the Jewish culture allows for personal development in high proportions. When Jews emigrated to America in the early 1910 they were part of the lowest economic classes and highly illiterate, worse than the Irish. Over the last century they have climbed the socio-economic ladder and adopted a culture of prosperity.


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Despite being 2% of the American populace, Jews make up 40%+ of Ivy League schools.

By sheer volume of bodies there are objectively more high IQ whites in America than the entire population of American Jews. Yet Jews remain starkly over represented in Ivy League, the Media, among many other institutions and professions.

"Culture of prosperity" is equal to Nepotism by necessity once population is taken into consideration.

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Smartest jews?? Or schemers who cheat on tests?


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E. Michael Jones claims Jews were also preferentially selected for entry into academic roles immediately after the war to accommodate their displacement.


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I could agree though with the nepotism, i seen every peoples and nation do this, its like people getting their cousins or church or family into a business or politics. Like how Clintons and Bush dominated US politics for years. I also do not believe Jews are a 'Race' they are a collection of different tribes who supported Israel or followed Judaism, genetic blood and DNA study show Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi as different peoples of Jewish populations, also strangely enough there is a Black Afro Jew of Sudan and Ethiopia which Jews refuse to take and spend lots of effort to kick them out of Israel and send them back to Africa.


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The black afro jew will have its 6 gorrillion IT WILL HAVE ITS REVENGE!


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Your evidence for this is what?

How can you rule out rather obvious ethnic nepotism? Are jews more naturally gifted painters? If you think so, you have a problem since they score low on spatial reasoning.

More likely the fact that Jews run the art business means that Jews have an easier time being promoted.