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Because nothing will piss your enemy more than to see you happy and successful

Picture a guy you knew, a guy you still hate for some reason

Now imagine him with an awesome life, much better than yours

Yeah you would prefer it the other way around lol, that's for sure

Besides, spending time on bringing down someone is not time spent on improving you and your life


Now that said, there are cases in which this won't cut it

Like the guy ruined your life, killed your kids and your wife, or whatever, and got 3 years with parole on top of that lol

Yeah... Either you go "god will avenge me" and leave it at that, which in some instances isn't the most stupid thing to do, or you decide to take revenge, in a more materialistic way.... But then is it worth life without parole...

Of course you could become filthy rich and have some people handle it for you in a very professional way, like there isn't even the beginning of a police case, the guy is gone nobody knows where and nobody cares, or is death his ruled an accident or something case closed

But, if you're there, in your mind, or rather if you've been there, at some point you'll realize that, it's not to kill him that you truly want, in fact death is where the "fun" stops

it's to make him suffer, to no end, that's what you want when you seek revenge

You want to make someone suffer, not really want to kill him/her

Death isn't the worst punishment, what you get with death is an end, an end to everything, mostly for the "target", end of joy, end of suffering, end of everything belonging to this life, you take everything from that person, if you do it, for him/her, it's over. For you it continues, eventually.


The most long lasting wounds often happen when pride/self esteem is hit

It's one thing to beat a man, it's another to humiliate him

If you want him to have a long lasting hate toward you, you humiliate him

But be warned, many people end up killing other people for that