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The welfare state is one of the biggest mistakes we ever made.

"We" didnt make the mistake because there is no "we".

The people who benefit from welfare simply voted for welfare, and the people who are opposing welfare have been outnumbered.

If you allow democracy at all, welfare is an inevitable consequence for the simple fact that voting is easier than working. So if you can vote for money, you will prefer it to working for money.

Alimony and child support payments are equally bad mistakes.

Women voted for it. Half of the electorate.

The single bad mistake, which led to all the other "mistakes", was letting women vote in the first place.

Men have to realize that women DO NOT WANT to marry them. Historically, they HAD to, simply to avoid their children starving. But they never wanted to. Since the state allows them to vote for welfare, they neither want to nor have to. The state allows them to force all men to pay, whether they are married or not, and unsurprisingly, the number of marriages is going down. In France, for example, the number of children born outside of a marriage has recently passed 60%.

If you have 100 men and 100 women, ALL women want to be impregnated by only 1 of the 100 men, the strongest alpha with the best genes. Women's eggs are expensive, they have only 1-2 shots during one lifetime, so they have to pick. Men in the end, want a womb. Not the womb, a womb, they dont care as much as women do, since they can father children till they die.

So if you let men choose, you'd likely get 100 marriages, because a marriage is the contract a man needs to protect his investment of time and money. For a man, a marriage is essentially a purchase receipt for a womb.

If you let women choose, you get one 1:100 harem and 99 male slaves.

And after women got the vote, they have been voting for exactly that, to make the marriage they never wanted obsolete. They now dont have to be impregnated by the same guy who will end up paying for the kid, i.e. the husband. A woman can now pick the 1 guy with the best genes she can get to impregnate her, after which she doesnt need him any more, and he can go around impregnating other women one by one. Since he cant pay for all the children he can sire, to prevent their starvation women vote for socialism and welfare, which then forces men they arent married to to pay taxes which then are used to feed for the 1 guys illegitimate kid.