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Women are as loyal as the laws, society and culture they live in allows them to be. In modern society women are told being a whore is "OK" and "fun". Men these days are afraid to slut shame their daughters, or tell their wives that they don't like them going out, acting a certain way, or even dressing a certain way. Its mind boggling how far we've come from our roots as a conservative society.

Back in the days, you could get ostracized from your family for whoring yourself out. Your father, mother, brothers, and sisters would all excommunicate you for shaming the family. The legal system did not protect whores through alimony, child support, and comprehensive welfare programs for single mothers.

If we want to have faithful and loyal women the most powerful way to get that back is to make laws that disincentivize women from acting like whores. Such as the following:

  1. Eliminate alimony. A huge reason women cheat is that they benefit financially from cheating . A woman will find a financially stable guy she doesn't want to fuck, divorce him, all while she's fucking other men. You can eliminate a lot of this simply by not allowing women to obtain money solely because they used to be married to a man.

  2. Make men not liable for child support The story of a woman that stays with a man because he will take care of her children while fucking other men she wants to be the biological father of her children is well known in the modern era. if you ban child support, two things will happen. One: you force women to choose a man that will willingly take care of her children financially and women will stop whoring themselves out to any bum with a dick. The majority of men will only willingly volunteer to take care of a child if that child is theirs, and thus women will be heavily pressured to only have children with men who take the time to raise their children and financially support them. Two:, if a woman knows that her man has all the financial power in a relationship, she will do everything she can to make sure he is taken care of: housemaking, loyalty, pleasant demeanor. these two forces will bring back the family unit and conservative values.

  3. Get rid of laws that provide financial support for single mothers, and that scale with the number of children in the household. The government incentivizes promiscuous behavior because many women , especially in liberal states, can fuck the whole neighborhood and obtain financial resources from the state in order to raise their children. Make it from a legal perspective the only way you can have your children taken care of be from a man with whom you maintain a long term relationship.

The above may not be the only laws that would do the trick, but the common theme that they have is that they look the incentives society puts for women. This is precisely what we need to look at in order to bring back conservative loyal values in women.


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Described the problem. Offered a solution. You stand alone.