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I have something like that. I have a compressed disc that presses onto my nerves (I feel it sometimes on my leg, feels like a nerve pull), I also had it slip once which left me on the floor screaming and wishing to die from the pain.

First thing, this will never go away. Refuse surgery, if it goes right you'll lose mobility, if it goes wrong you'll be worse than now. I went to a couple of doctors, the one that helped me was a kinesiologist. 1) take your x-rays to a kinesiologist or similar physical trainer*, ask him to teach you an exercise routine, repeat it for the rest of your life. Usually 15 minutes of stretches and postures. 2) do Yoga, it improves your flexibility and makes it harder for you to get hurt. 3) Do swimming, it stretches and strenghtens your back muscles. 4) I haven't had a painful episode since I started smoking weed, I don't know if there's a relation here, I started because someone told me it might help and it did. Just do it at night one a day, high CBD.

And get used to it, you'll learn to live with a chronic pain.


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Will do. Thank you.