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They should, but are probably being pressured not to.

As is often the case with blacks involved in highly publicized incidents of 'racism' the two fine upstanding black people in the Starbucks case will probably turn out to be criminals with long rap sheets. It will probably also turn out that they were obnoxious and confrontational during their police encounter.

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Reportedly they were belligerent from the start and refused to leave when confronted by the police. The video we see is a few seconds of them being led out.

The guy who arrived as they were being arrested, allegedly to meet them, referred the men to their current attorney. It makes me wonder if this were planned.

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Almost of these incidents are planned for a gibs lawsuit or just some hate crime hoax for attention.

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No they shouldn't. What, you're asking for more surveillance? Why not let a group of idiots have a stupid protest inside of the pointless selling floor of a dumb faceless company. The whole affair is between ANTIFA idiots, company drones and the local police. They should be encouraged to have this stupid fight privately.

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I won't be surprised if it gets leaked. The way their CEO is, they will not be releasing it.

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I will. I can almost guarantee it'll never see the light of day if it's not out w/in the next day of two.