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No. Bullets that go up have to come down.

I've gone to the range and hit the bullseye and gone "Ahhhh".

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People have been killed by falling bullets

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Yes, I was shooting clays.

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I got 4 clays in one pull once, I had to really yell to get the 4th one though.

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Just shoot the box and you can get them all! That's a good job though. I saw my pappy say "pull" turn around pick his gun up off the ground and shoot 2 .

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Anyone who does this should be summarily punched in the face. And then arrested for reckless endangerment at minimum.

Gun Safety Rule #1 Always keep the muzzle of a gun pointed in a safe direction.

Up is ONLY a "safe" direction if there are people below you and you still dont fire it up.

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Yes -- with my gun, but never with my rifle.

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Now, on to more pressing matters.. the living statue.

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Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air?

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Standard policeman officer training.

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A must see.