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Keep an eye out for Librem.

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Which might probably end up as a crappy cheap looking product like other crowdfunding scams that might or might not work.

Statistically speaking, very very few crowd funding products end up equal or better than advertised.

Not to mention the large font phrase in the fucking crowdfunding page that says "The Librem 5 loves diversity." So basically the resulting product would probably range from "diversity hire produced piece of shit" that doesn't work or Mossad/CIA honeypot that works.

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A cup and two strings is pretty secure and open source.

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Would work better than a linux phone too.

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Easy version - if you want a phone that's smart, your best bet is something from the Android line that's rootable with a custom ROM (you have to intentionally put Google apps back on after that step). Calls, texts, email, internet, phone and games.

Medium version - get a flip phone with no features other than calls and texts. You will still be running the manufacturer's standard spyware, but at least this lacks the camera and wifi snooping abilities. Cell tower connections give away your location even if GPS is turned off, but at least you're only giving that to the carrier instead of to Google (supposedly). Calls, texts, email perhaps.

Extreme version - get that same flip phone but don't activate it and don't put the SIM card in it. Leave it unplugged in your car. This can be used for 911 calls only, but all phones are required to go through if 911 is dialed regardless of anything else.

The more connected you become, the more ways the are for people to spy on you. I spent a few years with no cell phone and it's possible, but not convenient. Up to you. I'd advise you try it a few months before committing to it permanently.

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You should also consider those around you. While I've deleted all my social media, I'm not safe from my friends sharing information about me.

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this has become a major problem. phantom accounts should be illegal.

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Super easy mode (If you're willing to settle for a "virtually" Google-free experience):

Get a factory unlocked phone; do not use carrier phones, even "unlocked" (jailbroken) ones. Carriers install extra bugs in addition to those of Google that cannot be removed. Also, security updates are more timely as they do not need to pass through your carrier first.

Research which brands offer the most pure "stock" version of Android.

Disable or remove all Google and unwanted apps. This includes Google Play Services which will break some things that you will need to find alternatives for. Review your permissions and revoke all unnecessary or undesired access.

Use an alternative repo. Make sure you do your homework because not all are trustworthy. If you really need something off Google Play, use Yalp to download it offline (no Google account required).

As mentioned elsewhere, the importance of good OPSEC cannot be understated. Your phone is just one (albeit large) vector in a vast threat landscape. The phrase "loose lips sinks ships" comes to mind.

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1337 version: make you own phone with an arduino. example

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There really aren't any. At least, not in the preassembled form. Sure you can make your own if you have the interest and the time and the ability to troubleshoot it when it breaks. Some users have been talking about a linux based privacy phone, but that looks like vapor to me. We will have to see. But then you also have to make sure you're smart about the apps you use. Everything is always listening. Even if its not your phone, its someone else's beside you. Or your computer, tv, whatever. The only way to escape being a product is to leave the grid. Its horrifying.

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i keep posting this in all these threads..

nokia 3310

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Also Sagem myX2-2 http://www.mobile-review.com/phonemodels/sagem/image/x2-2.jpg

Pretty reliable, small, with a back lit color screen

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Jolla Sailfish is the only Linux based mobile OS out there but they've gotten out of hardware.

You have to buy a Sony Xperia and download Sailfish X to it.

I've used it. It's not prime time. In some way it's years ahead of Android and IOS and in others it's truly backward.

Or buy a Nokia 3310 and go retro. The 4G version is expected real soon now.

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Yes I read up on Sailfish for one Sony model only. Maybe one day I will try it out but still waiting to see how others feel about it.

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Like I said, it's ahead and backward. It's rooted out of the box. You just have to flip one setting.

The terminal app is fantastic.

The phone app is pathetic.

It's a developer's phone.

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Get a flip phone. I doubt you really need all the fancy pants smartphone stuff.

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You don't really have any more visibility into what your flip phone is doing in the background than a smart phone. The software footprint may be smaller, but you're sacrificing the ability to use security enhancements such as encrypted SMS or VoIP calls.

The "basic voice" SS7 protocol is notoriously insecure, if your phone is in fact using a true 1G connection. However, many do not, as that protocol is being phased out in favor of data (3G and beyond). AT&T has already done this, which means an AT&T flip phone actually uses 3G under the hood. T-Mobile will follow suit by 2020.

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I actually live by the smartphone.

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Then that's your best option, but not before jan 2019 for backers https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

It will cost around $600

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Personally I'm eyeballing the new blackberry lineups when it comes out.

I was originally looking at other offerings from third party companies but nobody has launched a privacy focused device that hasn't gone off market within a few years

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I reviewed the Keyone for a week. Was super excited to get it. QWERTY keyboard with enhancements. But alas, shoddy build quality.

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I'm hearing good things about the new devices

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