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Have you ever noticed the best movies have the most interesting things happen just outside the camera's frame?

Putin is not what he appears. His defense of Syria has been pathetic, half-assed, half-hearted, and wholly for his own benefit, not Syria's. The anti-aircraft batteries couldn't stop the recent missile attack which is actually pretty suspicious considering the range on the S300s batteries is 400 km. Let's turn the autism on for just a moment. The longest part of Syria is 455 km. The widest part is 396 km. If Russia put its S300 anti-aircraft missile batteries anywhere near Hom (and they have), then Russia would have Air Denial Capability anywhere in Syria out to about Dayr Az and out into the Mediterranean to Cyprus.

The entire story we've been told is a load of horseshit that stinks so much the vapors are covering everyone's computer screen. The facts speak for themselves. Russia is at a minimum complicit in the missile attack against Syria, but they are blaming the American's and Europeans.

With friends like these Assad is fucked!


Putin is not what he appears...

Everyone likes pomp, circumstance, and spectacle. Trump gives the World these things.

Meanwhile, the real show is what is not seen. Putin is what is not seen. He has to appear strong and supportive of Syria for the Russian people and Russian Duma. But meanwhile the evidence shows he sold out both the Russian people, America, the Syrian people, and Christians in general. Why is that exactly?

Russia could save Syria, but they do not.

Everything Syria has accomplished up to now seems to have been accomplished through Syrian strength and perseverance and the threat of Russian S300s, even though when the need for those S300 arose they did not shoot down the planes that delivered the missiles. The missiles that struck in Homs where short range. They were aircraft mounted.

Russians need to ask themselves could Russia do more to protect and defend Syria. Should the Russian State Duma replace Putin if he does not save Syria. Will the Chinese step in if Russia does not do more. China has much to lose in Syria as well. What about India? What about France? Will the French and Chinese negotiate a better package deal together? What about the missing DF-21s?

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Don't care for either one, neither should the US. Get your troops home and let shitholes be shitholes!

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The USAnian's have been attempting to dethrone Assad since 2014 on behalf of their puppet masters, Israel and Saudi Arabia, they have failed again, and again, and again, most assuredly thanks to the intervention of Russia.

Before 2014 Syria had about twice as many Christians as they do today, this really is simple: America is working on the side of those Ridding The Middle East of Christians, against those who truly are defending Christianity in the middle east.

America plays at being Christian, Putin IS Christian, and Putins Russia is a Christian state, every single year he, Putin, spends time in a monastery in Greece living on bread and water amongst the Christian monks.

The USAnian's are destroying global Christianity in support of Israel and Saudi Arabia, literally the two countries that were behind 9/11.

Here's a reality check, the USA spends MASSIVELY more than Russia on defence, more than the the next 14 countries combined if I remember correctly. Sounds good right? Wrong, the USAnian tax payer spends massively on defence, but when an USAnian service man is forced to take his washing to a laundromat where the USAnian tax payer is force to pay $100 For A Single Load Of Washing, and military trucks that get a flat tire is left on the side of the road, with a new truck ordered in its place, at tax payer expense, suddenly that "We spend more than the 14 others combined" advantage becomes nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

You might outspend Russia, but truth be told, your getting shafted, whereas in Russia the soldier washes his own clothes, they fix the flat tire, and they are not boiling with absolute arrogance.

Whats my opinion of Assad & Russia, Assad's a good, strong leader, that can choose to run away, but instead remains in defence of his people against the greatest terrorist threat this world has ever known, the axiz of evil, the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Russia, cares enough not to stupidly threaten those larger than them, risking global destruction, it cares enough not to arrogantly threaten those smaller than them. Russia is the one country that stand in the way of the USAnian/Israel/Saudi Arabia global empire.

Russia, currently is the protector of Christianity...... And for that I'm grateful.

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We should both stay completely out of it and let the middle east disappear up its own asshole.

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Two speculators fighting over the last bundle of tulips.

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Syria has its right to defend its territory and is free to invite Russia to help out. The western airstrikes inside Syria go against international law.


Russia is ruled by a crony. Surely, this crony has the interests of his people in mind... because it helps him to keep the power. But in the end he is the same sellout as any other western politician. Russia is hated by its neighbours for the right reasons.

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I think we should amend the constitution to allow a Putin/Assad ticket in 2020. We'd get better government, lower taxes, less terror and probably even peace on earth.

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Well, for one thing they sure are holding up the Oded Yinon Plan and I applaud them for it. Well done, men!

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