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I plan on quitting my job, moving to the coast, and living on fish until I die.

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Such a drastic move, are you ready for it? My dream is to be completely self sustained and on my own grid so to speak. I want to be able to farm and hunt for my own food. Even if I can't get to that point, simply having some sort of cash cow to keep depositing enough to survive while actually having the time to live my life would be Paradise.

So is your plan involving anyone else or are you going it solo?

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The last of my financial obligations turn 18 and graduate this June so I'm done with work. I have all the equipment I need to live cash-free for the next twenty years at least. I figure go somewhere on the coast with my stuff and just move with the seasons or whenever someone tells me I can't stay. Fishing is free, most camping is free, and if I really need money I can salvage a boat or two or get an odd-job or handyman-type job. Basically homeless/jobless/moneyless but happy because I'm not part of society any more. I fucking hate what society is and if I don't leave it I'll go on a murder spree or kill myself eventually. It's sad but the only thing keeping me from a murder spree now is that it would fit the MSM narrative and I don't want to give anti-gun leftists ammo(no pun intended) against legal gun owners.

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I go to work. Absolute financial freedom, don't need to spend a thought on where to get food or shelter.

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This is true in many ways, but for how long does that support last? Are you covered up to $10k for an accident? $30k for a tragedy? Can you pickup and go where you want, without being obligated to return to your work?

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Can't really think of anything that would cost me that much. I don't have a car, I rent my apartment, I'm insured against most stuff.

Can you pickup and go where you want, without being obligated to return to your work?

Sounds more like being rich and living in luxury than "financial freedom". I have all my necessities covered with less than half my income. Just because I can't afford to buy sports car or a house, doesn't mean I'm not free to do what I want, financially. Sure, a millionaire has way more money than me, but there are plenty of things he can't afford either.

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I'm getting licensed for a new career and applying to new jobs that pay better in the mean time.

I am far, far away.

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Not too far if you're about to be licensed and looking for work. I'm several years behind on a degree and still work in the shit tier. What field are you going into?

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Sales, specifically real estate. The reason I say I'm far is because my wife and I have a lot of student loan debt. I won't feel even close to stable until that is paid off.

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At this point, my wife and I have started a private business and we are very nearly out from under about ten grand in credit card debt. It took a while, but cleaning up after several bad decisions always does.

If nothing else, we learned a lesson.

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I don't actually have any debt. What would you do in my shoes?

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No debt? Sounds unAmerican to me! I don't know what I would do in your shoes. You're probably wearing one of the same pairs I was given, so in that case invest in crypto and spend profits on hookers and cocaine lol.

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I got very serious last year about paying off debts. Then I met my fiance and she too is a Dave Ramsey fan and she started her working career debt free and has been building from day one so we are both on the same page and will be living in our own house within 3 years max and will own it out right within 10

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Sexy plan, and congrats on finding a like minded counterpart. Do you see yourself living in that area for 10+ years and enjoying it? That's always my scare about taking the house plunge. Commitment to one city for decades. Strong stuff.

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Not gonna buy in the city, fuck that shit

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Buying a duplex in the next couple weeks.

Should have a down payment on another one before the end of the year.

It may not be total freedom but it will be a decent safery net if the economy tanks and i get laid off.

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So is your plan to buy a duplex property outright and then rent them out individually? Or are you keeping them as a windfall just in case?

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place im getting is currently in foreclosure so it's selling for about half it's actual value. renting one side will more than pay the mortgage which is only a 10 year loan. i can rent the other side and save that money for investing in other properties. or live in the other side free while the renter pays the mortgage.

another option is since the place is selling for cheap i have built in equity that i could leverage into a 4 plex thats for sale right now.

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This year is the first time I've paid attention to money in a real way. In the past I simply viewed it as a requirement to sustain my way of life. Now I have a tiny sum saved up and have started looking for ways to put it to work for me.

I opened up a RH account and am learning how to view the market. I know absolutely shit when it comes to investing, but it felt so good when I made a $1 return on some penny stocks!