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I think the Romans were the most normal about sex. They'd fuck both sexes without constraint. I think without being told to be a certain way most people would fuck both genders. I think we still naturally prefer the opposite sex but getting off feels good. Now considering this is a western site with strong christian/moral beliefs im sure many will disagree.

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Fucking children is never ok. Romans did plenty of that. You still think they had the right idea?

Edit: Am I actually being downvoated for saying fucking kids is wrong? Are there really that many degenerate redditors that remained from the last migration? Fuck you disgusting kikes and the whores of Zion you came out of.

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Did I say that? No. I mean purely in regards to fucking both genders. If you really want to get into it though most civilizations have fucked kids and it was the norm. I'm not defending it just pointing out that regardless of your feelings it's been a normal part of human civilization. I personally think those people should be killed but I grew up in a civilization that reviles that.

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Lesbian - Implies only 2 genders

Gay - Also Implies only 2 genders

Bi - Literally liking the only two genders

Transsexual - Again, implies 2 genders

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Good point, the existence of bisexuality (i.e, the concept itself - I'm not arguing whether it exists) renders the whole Baskin-Robbins 31 gender bullshit invalid.

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There is no such thing as bi. That's jew propaganda. Either you're are a faggot, or you're not.

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You make it clear that you can be a massive faggot even if you aren't remotely attracted to men.

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fuck off

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If homosexuality was a choice, there wouldn't be any homosexuals.

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There are gay people who are born that way, gay people who are gay because of molestation, and there are gay people who become gay because of a series of events/choices that leads them there (Ie, the people who are married with kids and decide in their 40s that they are gay).

The definition of bisexual is someone who is sexually attracted to both men and women.

Just because someone believes that there are scenarios where men/women could decide to be gay doesn't mean they are bi-sexual.

I have no sexual attraction to goats, but I know that there are some people that choose to fuck them. That doesn't make me a zoophile.

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I would say somebody getting male prostitutes is in pretty good position to say its a choice. The choice is whether or not you accept your mental illness.