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Killer Klowns from Outer Space. It's a Chiodo bros. film but it's a classic cult film and the effects are pretty decent for low budget.

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Is that the movie where they wrap up people in cotton candy cacoons?

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Yes it is, my good man. So silly and terrible, but so good.

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It's glorious so long as you embrace the ridiculousness.

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Yup, the best.

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You bastard, you beat me to it. I recently watched it with my 10 year old. She was not impressed, especially because i had built it up so much. That movie didnt age well, but it is fucking hilarious!

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It wasn't good when it came out but I have always enjoyed shitty movies. My favorite are blaxploitation films like Dolemite and Japsploitation like Ultraman, 49 Ronin, and other samurai/kung fu films. The 70s were the real golden age of films.

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IT is rated R and went to go see it with relatives and some mother brought there 3 year old kid to it and they both ran out and screamed when gore stared happening and someone on the movie had there legs ripped off by the clown.

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Shakes the Clown. Bobcat Goldthwait is an alcoholic party clown who gets framed for murder by drug dealing rodeo clowns and a rival party clown. Cast includes a young Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, and some other people. Not scary but very funny and weird.

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it's just called "clown". not a great movie but decent. a horror genre

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OP's family dinners.

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I was going to say "IT" but then I remembered a bunch of school children killed a billion year old lovecrafteian shape shifting space monster from the void.