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I currently sell engines. Prior to this, I knew jack shit about vehicles. I still don't know much. I know I will probably never buy a dodge or a ford. Their engines are loaded with flaws. I will probably stick with Toyotas for a couple reasons. They last forever and I heard a really awesome story from an audiobook about how they run their assembly lines. The skinny of it is that they run them very well and treat each vehicle with care.

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Please don't group Ford with anything Chrysler makes. Ford >> Chrysler.

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In my opinion, they're both shit (at least anything made after the 80s)

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Ford Ranger. Because you can't kill it.

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Rumors stated the Ranger is coming back, obviously I believe Australia has the same version we're suppose to get.

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Nissan builds their trucks in Tennessee, if that counts.

The TitanXD is pretty legit. Great towing capacity and the interiors are better (IMO) than the other trucks I've looked at recently.

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I'd like to get a tundra but I'm waiting to see if my post marriage house is close to work or not. Also I'd like to hold out for adaptive cruise control and one of those keys that doesn't leave your pocket, I don't believe tundra has either at the moment. Dodge and Chevy have done me wrong in the past, Ford was okay, Toyota has done me great so I should stick with them. Ford would be second choice. The lady wants a jeep so I'll make sure to stock up on tools and leave plenty of garage space open.

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I wouldn't. Those subsidy taking assholes don't deserve any money. I buy what has the best cost use ratio, so Japs! Those little perfectionist build reliable and affordable cars that, in my mind, are the only ones to buy. Do they take government money as well? Maybe, most likely. But then they are on the same field as the home manufacturers, just having a better product! Force companies to build the best products, by buying the best products and not going for a homegrown product just cause.

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I'm driving a 2005 silverado until it dies or if the jeep truck ever gets out. jeep truck

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GMC/Chevy Express preferably diesel

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You fucking raped our local subsidiary manufacturing industry because our government wouldnt hand over government bailout money to the us owners after being bailed out by their own government.... then you fucking shut down holden and ford manufacturing here selling the plants and giving your workers a once off $10,000 bonus and opening a new plant IN MEXICO - Toyota shutting down after 40 years because it doesnt have to compete any more was the icing on the cake....

Fuck american car manufacturers.

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