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Yes, but it's a continental breakfast, and those suck balls.

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Sure, but I'll still skip it. IF for life!

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Recently realized that i have been doing 16/8 my whole adult life, ever since my overlords stopped forcing me to eat in the morning :-)! Do you do some "real fasting" from time to time? Did 7 days twice the last couple of months, 0 calorie only water! If you haven't tried it, you should. Just resets everything!

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I've definitely considered it. Only within the past two weeks have I moved to a 21:3 but basically OMAD. It's been a game changer. Maybe after a little while I'll push it and do a 24hr or 48 hour. But I'm just taking it slow right now. And I still follow a lazy 16:8 on the weekends.

Honestly my chief motivators are to lose weight and not get that massive crash in the office. I've been successful at both, but I've noticed a lot of other benefits.

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No, the breakfast you pay for yourself. Even if a lunch is provided by others and is "free", someone still have to pay for it. It's paid through taxes if it's a public setting, or priced in the services/goods sold if a private setting, or a person shared his/hers lunch with you, bearing the cost for you.

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There's plenty of free lunch in garbage cans all over the city. Just ask a bum.

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You're making me horny for garbage stop, @TheBuddha !!! >:^( HELP

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I got some free protein you can suck through a straw

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Is your dick that small?

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Didn't say it was my dick. My friend is kinda depressed right now and I hoped a surprise would cheer him up.

I also know about some free protein through a hose if that's a more attractive option for you.