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Is called vbulletin. You go to your own forum and invite them.

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SMF is free.

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So is vbulletin

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As others have explained, you have to make use of the authorized submitters only option to ensure that only people you want involved without your group can post submissions within the subverse. Use of either the "Private" or "CCP required to downvote" modes will hide all your posts from /v/all and prevent CCP/SCP from counting towards anyone's scores (and can also make it impossible for trolls to downvote your posts, if you set minimum CCP to downvote to 10000, for example). Hiding from /v/all will decrease the probability of people visiting your subverse, as they won't see the posts when they're made unless they actively monitor your subverse's "New" tab. However, none of this guarantees that other users cannot comment within your subverse, if they manage to find it and choose to monitor it.

Unless the "Private" setting does this, but I don't think it does. I'll get back to you.

EDIT: It seems that the "Private" setting does not disallow "outsiders" from commenting within the subverse, so it seems that on Voat it is impossible to perfectly prevent your community from being attacked by trolls who want to offend your users, unless you have mods monitoring the comments 24/7.

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Thanks! Very detailed, exactly what I needed.

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As another posted alluded to, you can easily get a domain name, free hosting, and just set up your own forum to run on it. Then, you control the entire site and there's free hosting that's reliable enough for a small forum. It's a fun hobby and easy enough to learn the basics. It's pretty much just point and click.

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Ah now I want to read heartfelt sad stories and sympathize with them and tell them we will nuke israel so they cheer up

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That is so nice of you! Especially when you actually make the nuking really happen!

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I love that voat started with "white supremacists, pizzagaters and fat haters", went through a gun nuts migration and now might house moms dealing with a specific issue, all without losing our right to tell kikes to fuck themselves.

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  1. You set it to "approved submitters only"

  2. Put in your sidebar that comments will be heavily moderated

  3. Set minimum ccp to downvote to 100 or something to prevent trolls from raiding with votes.

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Private, yes. I assume that makes it invite only, but I've never enabled that feature.

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Private, yes. I assume that makes it invite only, but I've never enabled that feature... now fuck of you kekfaggot!

There, fixed it for you!

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Point conceded.

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Make sure you make it so downvoting is set at zero because they won't be posting other places here. You may be able to use css to disable links that go elsewhere on voat.

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Reminds me of that one woman from the Q invasion who was so excited about the new digs that she was going to invite all the ladies from her choral group to voat.

If you do this, put up a sticky advising them what to expect if stepping outside the subverse.

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Damn, that lowendbox seems cheap as fuck? Have you used them, what's your experience? I'm gonna need a VPS soon for one of my projects so that might be a good choice.

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So lowendbox isn't a single provider. It's just a place where anyone with cheap boxes can post their service. I have used many of the companies there. Many of them are shit. Some of them are great.

My main suggestion is to never completely cancle a server. They all use the same open source interface. The reason to never cancle one fully is because often they post really good deals on LEB.. then you find an even better deal so you cancle your current and migrate. The problem comes when you decide you want to go back and the same deal is gone. So the point is launch up servers on a lot of places, hybernate them, and then you can get sweet ass deals when the whole market's cost per gig or ram changes.

My favorite one to work with is catalysthost.com

So my other suggestion is to use ones that look good as dev systems so that you have an oportunity to get pissed off at them before you deploy something more serious on it. If you see any hint of muslimness run (which you will see with the majority). Catalysthost is worth paying a little premium for because they really are good. VPSrus also has the cheapest storage in smaller units. I at one time built a cdn out of several systems that autotuned content based on bandwith and storage and vpsrus was my cheap storage component. I've found little reason to dislike them and if you can figure out natvps their storage gets mega cheap.

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