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Because it’s based on bullshit? You can’t convince me that Assad wants to gas his own people.

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But you can be convinced that the attack was on Syria and not CIA/deepstate assets that Assad wanted wiped out?

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I wouldn’t rule it out.

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Because do as you're told.


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Trump did it. Had any other president done it, it would barely have made the nightly news. One side thinks its great and the other side hates him even if he saves all the orphan children personally.

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So what exactly was hit over there? I've heard the U.S., UK, France and Israel were all hitting targets inside Syria. Who hit what? With the technology and intel our Country has, Trump could have put a Tomahawk missile up Assad's asshole while he was sleeping in bed but I'm sure that didn't happen. So what exactly is getting blown up over there. I also heard that we hit Al-Nusra smuggling tunnels and chemical weapons facilities that belong to the (((rebels))). I've heard so many different explanations on what's happening over there it's hard to know whats real or fake. I do know that Assad attacking his own people with nerve agents is complete bullshit and anyone with half a brain should understand that. @guinness2

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Don't really trust what the government says

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...why wouldn't everyone sane do that?

The reason is propagated to be a gas attack... Just as the US was about to pull out... But certain groups have something against this. Also this strike could had meant a huge escalation... and still can.

Syria and Russia have a legitimate reason to shoot down all western aircraft violating Syrian airspace. The aggression here lies on the west. Sure, regime change and other things were happening for a long time now and I actually exactly know what your problem here is... I have the same with this Facebook fiasco. People sleep and only turn up when it's convenient.

national news

...National? Didn't know the world was one nation

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while i wouldnt say everyone is, as its just about exclusively shareblue shills losing it, this is a concerning turn of events. but he has said and done concerning things before that turned out to be the right move. so, by all accounts, throwing a premature temper tantrum over it is stone-cold retarded.

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All the diplomatic expulsions of Russians and false accusations of poisonings. We just killed a few hundred Russian soldiers and now are provoking them even further.

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