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It is natural for children to enjoy things other than what they grew up with. This is part of the process that drives them out of the house, and drives them to try new things. This is a major component of the growth of a society, and keeps it from becoming stagnant. This applies to technology, art, music, cultural items, and even locations. This drive compels you to try new things, go new places, and adapt to new situations.

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Both? I appreciate older music but find it kinda boring. Generally it's not as complex, the messages are antiquated, and it's not like there is any more being produced. It's a broken record. That's not to say a dislike it. It's just meh.

There is still alot of heartfelt powerful lyrics and sounds being produced if you get off the Top 40 propoganda. Independent labels that are not Jew owned create good stuff.

Personally I went through a rock/punk/reggae/folk phase in highschool. Lots of material available. Still like it but ever since I began to realize the true awesomeness that is EDM I didn't look back. Been at it for over a decade, it's not a phase. About 90% of what I listen to. It sounds like beeps and boops to alot of older people but they don't know the good stuff and are honestly pretty close minded. Stuck in their ways. Which is fine I guess. But they are missing out on an entire life experience.

Something I like about it is that alot of songs don't even need lyrics. The sound itself moves your emotions. The whole genre is also thuroughly saturated with amazing female vocals. It's just plain sexy.

EDM has exploded into the mainstream. Shitty rap and pop songs have appropriated it. Those are the ones people hear the most and are bastardations. Those are the songs creating the divide.

Also as time progresses new instruments are invented and music follows suit. It's not like you see alot of people playing the harp LOL. The biggest game changer ever has been the computer!

Here are some songs that came to mind I love and think are representations of the good stuff :)








Edit: Plus I love dancing. It's in the name! Electronic Dance Music. It releaves so much anger/frustration/stress. Extremely theraputic.

Edit 2: Another song. Broaden your horizons!

Edit 3: Wanna see a bunch of white people getting cray cray? Viking shit. This is our music. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3skZxOjrJ9c

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One more thing, liking energetic music like dance and hip hop is generally associated with the trait of extroversion, which is something I consistently and extremely lack.

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Well, you might like chillstep. It's my go to chillin' music. Super good. It'll lull you to sleep.


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Also, I've noticed that if you dance then certain types of music make more sense to you. there's this sort of "I could dance to this" factor. Although, I like dance feels without being a dancer of any kind, but I want to have melody and creativity to go with it, which is generally pop-style dance music.

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"Shuffling" is loads of fun.


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Although, male voices tend to be good for rock and metal, the female voice is much more appropriate for the conventional music wisdom of chords below middle C and melodies above it. I have to go an octave higher and into falsetto just to get to middle C, and I have a pretty standard male baritone voice. So if I don't want to sing like the Bee Gees I'm going to be singing inappropriately low. I do like male singers, but I prefer females for a lot of music now. Aside from all that, liking boy bands is gay. I don't mind a good song by a girl group, though.

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God I fucking hate the Bee Gees. Worst. Falsetto. Ever. I was Bass 2 in choir. Lowest voice of them all.

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I don't feel like listening now, so I'll check them later. I am aware of some good stuff that's underneath the mainstream piles of shit. Actually, if you check Weird Al's albums, you can get exposed to the best of the best songs you missed from the pop dog shit pile.

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Also I would recommend listening to the songs on a decent sound system. It makes a difference.

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LOL Weird Al. Quite the character. My favorite is Amish Paradise

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I like any music except 2000-present negro rap. Hip hop was tolerable, primitive poetry.

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The earliest hip hop from before I was aware was actually alright. It was kind of funk and they talked about ordinary life stuff anybody could relate to. Then came the late 80s and early 90s where the Jews pushed full niggers on everyone, and then it was all downhill from there.

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Rap started getting some popularity in the mid 80's. It was crap then, and worse now.. To me it says a lot about those hitting their teens from then til now because they liked it.

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I dunno, we all eventually become a little more stuck in our opinions. I hope to never become completely so, but I'd have to point out that history repeats itself. Most pop music of the time tends to be vapid. Also, the 60's, 70's and so on wasn't magical. Led Zeppelin was fringe music (but not as much as, say, Black Sabbath). There is fringe music even now that is worth listening to.

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I have realized that people tend to only hear the best of a decade and sometimes the underground becomes more popular in the future. Metallica before ...and Justice for All was not at all popular music. There was this sort of after the fact retro popularization going on. More and more people started listening to MoP, RtL, and KeA after they had their release tours and whatever pushing of these albums that happened.

I am aware that Megadeth's old albums reached gold or platinum status after the Rust and Peace and Countdown to Extinction eras led to people buying their old stuff.

As far as stuff that's left behind in a decade, hardly anyone knows who Soul Asylum is now for example. If you weren't alive in the 90s, the most you might know is the song Runaway Train without even knowing the band that made it. They were alright. Nothing great.

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I'm just sad rock music is not popular. The 90's was it.

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I have no idea if it is or not. I just see niggers everywhere and white skank whores. I think metal has caused a problem for rock, because the people who would be modern Jimi Hendrixes or Eric Claptons are playing metal and not the pop metal stuff like Metallica.