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They are a fancy equivalent of anti-ship or various other missiles in the case of photon-torpedos, and various kinds of small-arms and artillery in the case of phasers, so just conventional equipment.


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Well realistically photon torpedoes would fall under weapons of mass destruction. Phasers may come under the discription of a weapon like a blinding non lethal laser that would be banned, though they are a precision weapon and I don't think it's really been shown to blind people so unlikely there at least.

Well the show bases photon torpedos as a dial-a-yeild antimatter based weapon. Based on the theoretical specs it should be in the range of around 100s of mega ton equivalent though really you don't see anything like that in the show probably but shields and the scale of space so you don't really know. They are supposed to pack more power at least than nuclear weapons because in star trek enterprise they start with nuclear missile and phase out after a gift from the vulcans to photon torpedos. Which they then immediately use on a klingon battle cruser and remark that it's a more powerful weapon so it's not an ease of production better resource expenditure switch.

Really the yield on them is consistent only in that it's inconsistent. But I think the show shows everything from around a yield of 50lbs to a gigton or two tnt equivalent. It's hard to get a real good yield calc since they rarely fire on planets which would give a better aproximation of yield than ships with energy shields of unspecified power. So you could say they are powerful enough to fit the plot. It's also though to say if it is a real antimatter based weapon because of one episode I don't remember the name of in the original series they take a couple of grams of antimatter directly from the warp core and detonate it on the surface of the planet leaving a huge probably global extinction level burn market visible from orbit.


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presumably a photon torpedo uses a burst of photons as its explosion, so it would depend on how destructive photons were in a weaponized concentration