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Very boring and silly at the beginning. Surprisingly modern sounding at times, and makes you understand how little some things have changed. A lot of references to events contemporary to the author but totally unknown to modern reader, so not very relevant but still interesting as testimony of an eyewitness. Some very reasonable and sound ideas. Absence of any maniacal, murderous and evil things one would expect from such a notorious book. It is very ordinary by any measure. He had some interesting predictions about the fate of India - he predicted that British will keep it by all means possible and will never let it go. His obsession with Jews gets irritating at times, as it obviously was clouding his reasoning, but he probably was less antisemitic than quite few goats around here, and at least he had some good reasons for that. It's quite interesting to read about his practical experience with getting involved with the party and all the routine activities, especially the brawls with Bolshies. Overall - a good read. It just takes to pull oneself together to struggle through the very boring beginning and keep reading, at least browsing, through the boring and irrelevant chapters. The book is demonized quite unreasonably. If you keep in mind when it was written, you must admit that it is even rather ordinary book. Keep in mind though that unless you are reading it in the German original, meaning of the writing may be distorted, even quite considerably so, making some things to sound unnecessarily menacing, not like in the German original.