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Can anyone find a better price for the Ford Translation than Amazon? It is $35


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Goats, we've been here before Previously: @Narow_Foe_Minsk wrote

Edit edit: Spoonfeeding time, since nobody else linked them yet. Stalag and Ford edition, as well as this document, which highlights the discrepancies and issues with the various translations.

His full comment is:

There is also a pure text version, which is translated by someone with an unfavorable opinion of Hitler at txt link, thanks to @ZardoZ2017

For completeness, we also have @ivar 's reply from elsewhere in these comment "I advice against the Ford translation. See my other reply" (permalink to his commentl)

& @ivar 's other comment on this page

Full discussion of English copies started by @antiliberalsociety

@TrueFreedom @BLOODandHONOUR @Crensch @HayastanArk @clamhurt_legbeard


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The Pirate Bay?


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I prefer physical copies for books.