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This, exactly. The version I downloaded from includes (((annotations))) that provide historical context (as well as unsolicited negative commentary) that prompted me to further investigate the state of affairs of the time. This led me to read about the (((October Revolution))) of 1913. How deep the rabbit hole goes!

After learning about the horrifying atrocities the (((Bolsheviks))) committed against the Russian proles, Hilter's motivations resolved before my eyes with lucid clarity: he was only trying to protect his people from a terrible fate under Jewish communism, while also warning the rest of the world that the international Jews were coming for them too.

I highly recommend reading about the October Revolution and the Secret Holocaust. The Spanish Inquisition can't hold a candle to the gruesome things the Jews did in early 20th century Russia.

The Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution:

The whole is worth reading, but Ctrl+F "An Orgy of Murder" and start reading from there if you want to skip to the nightmare fuel:

Edit: I haven't gotten the chance to sit down and watch this (it's ~6 hours long), but I've heard glowing remarks about this documentary on Hilter:

Edit 2: Another documentary I've heard good things about is Europa: The Last Battle. Somehow it still hasn't been deleted from Youtube.