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I listened to it. The vocabulary and eloquence are amazing, assuming the same levels of such existed in the German. Hitler was really a practical, reasonable man who believed in reality rather than Marxist bullshit. From what I heard now, a lot of his views back then were not uncommon or out of place. People openly received the fact that Europeans were clearly more intelligent and more productive than niggers.

There are times when he predicted the future. He mentions Jews telling really big lies and how ordinary people can't even fathom that somebody would lie to such an extent as that, because most people tell small lies (predicted "muh 6 garillion, goy"). Of course the Jews have people thinking Hitler mentioned this, because he wanted to lie and lie big. He was actually accurately describing Jewish behavior. I think he mentioned Israel becoming a criminal safe haven there (if not it was somewhere else), and he was right about that too.

It is also true what he said that "only the Jew knew" that the media could be used to make conditions of hell seem like heaven, and conversely, conditions of heaven seem like hell.

Chapter 1 and 2 are kind of boring. They're about his early life, but then the national socialist philosophy kicks in and it gets good.

I have also listened to the introduction of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and it sounds like an exact description of modern America. Hitler mentioned the book in Mein Kampf, so he knew about it. He said the Jews fiercely deny there's any truth to it, but he knew what was described was certainly authentic.