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It's really enlightening. Adolf Hitler was a very intelligent person, which can plainly be seen by reading that book.

It's a dense read with quite the background on relevant parts of his life experiences that tie into his political views.

What really nice about the book is it's a great source to point anyone towards who attempts to equate Bernie's socialism with Nazism. They're not the same and opposite in many ways which simply cannot be contested due to numerous implicit, as well as explicit, incompatible views. Most notably he talks about giving away free things being useless, pointless and, if anything, damaging. And he has a solution I think everyone can agree on (expect for those already getting gibs of course; they'll go silent and wait for a cheap shot to take).

He also explains a lot about the Jew, and his life's recollection of them. Most notably, he had no knowledge of them or even heard the word jew for about half of his life, at the time of writing. There were by and large no counter examples to the typical Jew's behavior and it's extremely uncanny how he describes debating them if one juxtaposes it with today's openly liberal political atmosphere. To go further, the "forgetting" of having been presented evidence that undoes one's view with a period of time he specifies. It seems like much of what he describes is present day America.

I could go on but this is getting kind of long. Do you have any questions or other specifics you'd like to know?


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I witness the "fist full of jelly" that he writes about and it's uncanny how accurate an analogy it is.

I would never dox myself by posting these, but I have friendly emails between a colleague who happens to be from a certain tribe. This colleague has been nothing but a professional in our interactions, he is the one people would point to and say "see look they aren't so bad". And in the professional world I would have no evidence to the contrary. However, he likes to send the MSNBC style talking points to our group email list quite regularly. This entire group has defended dissertations at one point in their lives and are capable of rhetoric, so you would think it's high level discourse, but trust me, it is exactly as described in mein kampf.

I never reply back because as you all know, it's hard to hide power levels, but this individual will intentionally forget solid points the more conservatives members make, he will intentionally misuse statistics in a way that he would routinely lambast in a professional setting. If you were to read the group emails it might throw you off if you did not know better, because everyone is so respectful due to professional courtesy. But after a few weeks you'd be thinking to yourself "typical tricks".