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Might read it some day but even if some of it might be true it is still the book of a loser, America is not the losers of WW2, 'Murica attitude and blood is built on winners! btw I have no doubt the Germans have been an extraordinary peoples, culture, art, science inventions however his form of national socialism a disaster and attacking most of the world, including America, what a fucking loser!


[–] BLOODandHONOUR 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago  (edited ago)

This is probably the most retarded conclusion anyone can reach about what has happened during WW2 for America to be on the winning side. The entire world (everything controlled by the JUDEN at the time) turned on Hitler and the Germans. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were slaughtered needlessly by Britain. National Socialism is the greatest idea for a country that has yet to be implemented and it must be stopped at all costs.

When you get off your sister you should do some research


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Hahaha apply his logic elsewhere. Imagine walking down the street and seeing some dude desperately fighting a burglar on his property, then running up and helping the burglar then bragging for years about how you won.


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Definietly and let's not forget the Juden controlled Soviet Army that literally just threw millions of Christian bodies at the Germans.


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America lost world war II by being involved in it in the first place. Then the Jewish Soviet Union that they fought with totally subverted and destroyed their society and culture along with Western Europe that fought against the ebil Nazis.


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You're really bad at pretending to be conservative and American you filthy kike

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Kill yourself.


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America is not the losers of wwii

Are you sure about that? Cos it seems defeating germany allowed those they were defending themselves from to take over America.