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jus in bello requires "discrimination" and "proportionality"

Discrimination governs legitimate targets

Proportionality governs level of force

An ideal attack destroys only its target which is a legitimate part of the opponents military apparatus. An illegitimate attack does not take appropriate stock of discrimination and proportionality. There is always collateral damage in the real world, but every effort should be made to minimize it (given the level of technology and conflict.)

Gas weapons lack discrimination by their nature. Additionally they are only and specifically useful as anti personnel weapons (which isn't illegal but is extremely limiting as far as "useful reasons to have some" go)

When a military figure says 'indiscriminate' or 'disproportionate' attack this is what they are referring to (although the common language meaning is close enough for public relations most of the time.)

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Good answer. Thanks.

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gas can form clouds and move to areas where its not suppose to be. The chemicals used are heavier than air and can fill in areas. Some of them you simply cannot detect sarin for example.

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Says the country that used white phosphorus bombs in Afghanistan.

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cough cough Depleted uranium.

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Willy Pete saves lives. Not the same.

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Willy Pete and high explosives. It's called shake and bake, and it's glorious!

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That is only bad in residential areas.

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Why is it unacceptable to use gas against people but not bombs or missiles?

It's not. All is fair in love and war.

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All's fair if you win, that is. If you lose a war in modern times there will be war crime charges regardless of how it was fought.

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If you love someone, suffocate them in nerve gas!

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Well white people are too good at war so they had to make some handicaps.

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Sarin has a carbon chain and as such can be detected in the infrared spectrum


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Which is why many countries don't use land mines or cluster bombs anymore.

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That's why we celebrate DISMEMBRANCE day!

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Who cares

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Gas is not nearly as profitable for the arms companies as bombs and missiles. It is simply not sporting.

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tut tut.

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Probably true.

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Well said!

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My sister-in-law uses gas on my family all the time whenever we visit that pig. The cunt should back off the Taco Bell.

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That's methane- you can plug her ass to BBQ and grill away.

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Coz there is no law banning bombs and missiles.


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it was because of how inhumane and destructive it was in WW1

Some bullets I think are illegal to use tho...expanding ones.

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And biological weapons, blinding weapons, torture, flamethrowers, poisoned bullets, dirty bombs, etc.

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Your right some bullets are illegal in war, but domestic police use them all the time. Also gas is used domestically, but illegal in warfare. Early reports described chlorine asphyxiation as the cause of the resents death, of the rebels human shield. My opinion is that the shield fodder was herded into sellers for "protection" then chlorine from the water treatment plant was brought in and dumped into the sellers. Who ever wants this war is willing to kill for it.

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Is Voat now Reddit? Quoting international law is a funny way to argue morality.

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Check his account age.

These /r/gundeals migrants may be the coolest wave of new users yet, but we still have to beat the Reddit out of them a bit.

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Agreed. Its simply a means of starting a war. Reddit style of because "tangent reason that's not answering the question but PC enough for everyone to accept" is annoying and stupid.

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The question wasn't about morality, at least in the way I read it.

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yeah well.... laws kinda matter

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I find it hypocritical that we use chemical weapons on our own people, our own citizens, in our own country and nothing is said about it.

I'm talking about Waco and how we gassed those women and children to death, then set fire to it to cover up our crimes. That's what Bill did, can you imagine what his cunt wife would do? I digress.

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I thought we had specifically planned the fire to kill them all. We used gas?

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They used the tanks to pump the building full of gas. They said the bodies contorted from the muscles yanking them in different direction. Women and children, they huddled in the most protected space in the building and they knocked holes in the place and gassed them. The entire chain of command all the way to Bill Clinton should have faced a firing squad. I've gave up on justice coming from government in this country when that happened. Now I just look for justice to come to government. It all needs to fucking burn.

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They used tear gas that was known to cause fires. Not to mention they fired at people trying to escape the fire

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Because Israel hates Arabs.

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I have no idea. Dead is dead. Another question is how does dropping bombs on people help them fight a government that bombed them?

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This is what I don’t get. Let’s say they gas a thousand people, then the army that is supposed to be “defending” them kills two thousand trying to oust the gasser. “Casualties of war” and “we’re on the right side of history” is the next thing. What a racket.

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Is there even a death toll yet?

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Another question is how does dropping bombs on people help them fight a government that bombed them?

Another question is who cares? Its fine to want them dead for fun.

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