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I asked this very question before and the answer I got was that it was in their DNA to undermine and destroy their host countries like it was in nigger DNA to steal and murder.


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Jews have been expelled 359 times from mainly white countries since 722 BC. It might have affected them, and also how they persist on behaving the same way each time they are expelled and try to conquer nations. Timeline showing when and where they got expelled. https://imgoat.com/uploads/93f65e080a/58502.PNG

Interesting how many Catholic countries expelled them until as of late after Vatican 2 suddenly Catholics start endorse zionism.

It tends to go in this pattern.

1.) Jews have no homeland, since they were kicked out of their own.

2.) Jews chose to live among European countries and cities due to their advancement.

3.) Europeans gladly accept Jews into their communities.

4.) Jews succeed in the society due to natural ability to manipulate and divert and the guidelines learned in Talmud (Lying and Cheating towards all goyim).

5.) Jews start taking advantage of the European laws.

6.) Jews start passing anti-European measures and only promoting their own kind through nepotism and racism.

7.) Europeans start awakening to this problem.

8.) Europeans get fed up and throw Jews out of the countries.

9.) The cycle repeats.

That's how it has always been. So it's not exactly new. What is new is the large scale they have now succeeded to conquer and manipulate and deceive the world, none of that has been recorded in history before.


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It is genetic. They are the parasites of humanity


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The common Jewish people are basically the useful pawns of their elite.

It's kind of like how left-wing White people will happily destroy their own people and nation, as long as their authorities tell them it will help bring on the utopia.

The Jewish community is generally raised in a culture with an extremely strong identity, and extremely strong in-group preference in their culture. They identify with and follow their community's leaders, as long as the leaders are telling the right story to the common people. Their culture also tends to be extremely hierarchical, so you end up having a small group of people dominating the united will of their people and the people's considerable resources.

There are numerous times in history where the Jewish ruling class played a role in situations that destroyed many Jewish lives, and used the wealth of those common Jews to make it happen, all so the elite could politically or financially leverage the world in their favor. And the tribalist Jews will cling even harder to their murderous Jewish rulers, as long as they are being told the right story.


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Short term profits and their belief that Jews will one day control the world's currencies (Jewiest prophecy ever), that's why they always push for communism.


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Their entire goal is to expand Israel, it doesn't matter if they live there or not, it's all about securing the land for future generations. By getting Muslims to come to our countries and murder our people, they will gain full support for taking over Palestine. Once they have full support from western nations, no one will stop them. As much as I hate Muslims, I would much rather have Muslims controlling Palestine than have a Jewish ethnostate.

Bonus videos that show how the Israeli government manipulates politics in the UK.






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because they arent as smart or in control as they think they are.


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Jews don't have a homeland. Understand that first and foremost and their push for multiculturalism becomes a self interest above all else. The fact that the rest of the horde are barbarians doesn't really enter their minds except in the few it does which to them is a good thing because they can say hey at least we're not like those violent fucks goy at which point they become the good kind of immigrant. Then it all becomes about earning their way through work smarter, not harder mentality which has them take up highly profitable positions in banking, loan sharking, entertainment, etc. while they always look out for their own. Birds of a feather flock together after all. Their in group mentality makes it possible for them to take all the highest positions available which allows them to seize control of the nation and bend it to their will which thanks to (((outside influences))) always leads back to the borg, sorry I mean jewish collective, which is now Israel and protected by a whole host of nations like the united states through the worst kinds of deceit and blackmail.

The average street jew might not have any power whatsoever but they still have the collective hivemind which makes them dangerous and their connections to other hiveminds with similar interests infinitely more so. It's a never ending spiral of conspiracy until you reach the highest levels of worldwide government and even then it just seems too insane to be true because it goes against all logic, but at the end there's just a handful of all powerful kikes threatening the world with a cobalt bomb saying your move 56%er.


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They are just smart enough to plan ahead, but too near sighted to see into the future

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