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Fuck me! That's two direct links to reddit that I've clicked on today. Not that I care that it's the 10th, I just want to leave that place ehind.

The next uproar is not too far away over at reddit. I'm staying put right here at voat. Even if it never gets as large as reddit, I'm dedicating myself to this.


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She's not. Read the announcement you are replying to and you will see it says, "Doing everything the same, Ellen is staying on board to make sure the vision is maintained, the executives she put in place will ensure her outline is followed and those rules will be compiled and released."

Interesting they decided to go with " guidelines to both preserve the integrity of reddit and to maintain reddit as the place where the most open and honest conversations with the entire world can happen" when that's a blatant lie. Reddits goal isn't to be a place where the most open and honest conversations can happen, nor has it ever been.