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Only possible because many whiteys succumbed to "feels" and many lost their survival instinct gene.

The moment when suddenly a bunch of whites think "hey guys, maybe slavery/colonialism is wrong," "women deserve more rights," and other progressive bullshit, that's when white people kinda asked for the whole white genocide thing.

Jews were merely complying, just like niggers, muslims, mexicans, and other non-whites.


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Slavery was wrong. It was the original sin of the American colonies and one only has to imagine the heights America would have soared to had it not had to deal with the legacy of problems a foreign African population imported into a white nation inevitably caused. And every other group you mentioned have all argued for increased power by metaphorically connecting themselves to these enslaved blacks. Slavery has been a disaster for the white race, even though only a small fraction of whites ever practiced it.


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If you think slavery is a sin then you deserve to be genocided.

Every single historical empire/civilizations took slaves.

Even many modern muslims/jews view non-muslim/jews as a little more than slaves, which is why they can't be genocided.

Everybody who still has the survival instinct gene would strive in order to make their family/friends/village/tribe/party/country/religion/race prevail against the "strangers." If you don't follow that creed then you're a dead end evolutionary branch who will perish through natural selection.

Egalitarian world view doesn't work when most people's world view are still tribal. It's like: you wanna treat that arab as equal and be kind to him, but all he wants is to kill you and impregnate your daughter. Why is that so? Because he is still in warfare mode and view you as enemy combatant who he needs to subjugate.

Stopping to subjugate others will eventually lead to you being subjugated. When straight people start ceding rights to lgbt, now lgbt are ahead and become preferred hire/enrollment in companies and school. When men start giving rights to women, now companies are actively firing men to make room for women. Equality is an illusion, feminism has always strive to put women above men. We can already see today that even divorce court is totally biased against men.