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Jews are not a race but a collection of tribes united under this idea for a state of israel or a collection of ethnicty, living with the Jewish religiosity connection....funnily enough they don't like Black Somali type Jews and don't want open borders. In the West for example through the centuries some of the Orthodox types were connected with smugling, degeneracy, subversion and smut but why the endless cycles of wealth and misery in history....a flea or tick can challenge no person on an open battle field, but what is the safest place....the safest place for example in the fighting animal kingdom jungle? The safest place is back of a Lion, the insects living on the back of a Lion have the safest most enjoyable life known.


[–] WilliamCutting 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago 

Jews are most definately a race, Ashkenazi, Shepardic and Mizarazhi Jewish DNA exists and is detectable. I agree with what you are saying about them hiding in plain sight while being a parasite but stipulating there is no racial component is flat out wrong.


[–] Norseman 5 points 1 points (+6|-5) ago  (edited ago)

90% are Ashkenazi.

Ashkenazi are not Israelites. They are not the Hebrews of the Bible. They did NOT descend from Abraham. They are NOT the children of God, the promised people, or anything at all. They are essentially Mongolian gypsies mixed with white Europeans, almost literally.

AshkeNAZI are from an ancient eastern European city above turkey who controlled all of the trading in the area some 800 years ago. They were PENIS WORSHIPING pagans who tortured, raped, and sacrificed CHILDREN (pizzagate) to their penis god.

Some Shepardic Hebrews (actual Hebrews from the Bible) started a city below them and became one of their main trading partners. The Ashkenazi king decided to make the official religion Hebrew to bolster a huge trading treaty, so they burned the idols and took on the Hebrew religion of the old testament.

A hundred or so years later the city was sacked and the people fled west into Germany and elsewhere, all the way to Spain. Their "refugee deluge" some 700 years ago is almost a mirror image to the Islamic flood they are now pushing into Europe. They took over an area, had 8-10 children a family, and demanded rights as their population grew until they were the dominate population and religion, at which point they simply ran everything and took over the city completely.

Eventually the Christians got fucking tired of their shit and ran them out of one country to another. Their persecution (marked with symbols, unable to own land, etc) and settlements (the famous ghettos) and their inability to have a real home started some 500 years ago and continues to this day. Again, these are the Ashkenazi, not Hebrews from the blood line of Abraham. They have no claim to anything.

These non-Hebrews called themselves jews to denote the difference between them and actual Hebrews, but eventually that was lost to history as the ashkenazi population exploded and because they all claim the same God and customs. Basically their parents told them they were Gods chosen people of the Bible so they kept saying it until everyone believed it.

They are NOT.


google it. (or duck duck go it like a real man)

EDIT: Looks like we got some (((downvoters))).

I stand corrected, they are 85% now and were 90% before WWII. So if you don't believe in the holocaust then I suppose they would still be 90%? Not sure how that would figure into things.


[–] Tallest_Skil 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Jews are not a race

Confirmed for either paid shill or complete retard.


[–] lissencarak 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

But they are a race. As we see in genetic studies.


[–] themaestro777 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Genetic Studies ran by Jews?