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Correct, since about the time of Napolean. Rothschild heard of Napolean's defeat early, spread rumours that he had won, which crashed the British economy; he then bought everything himself, and then when the truth that Napolean had lost made its way to the British Isles, all stocks rose again -- and Rothschild owned it all.

Thus it was that his family gained control of Britain, the royalty not excluded, and from there went on to influence and mold the West throughout the 20th century. Federal Reserve cropped up in, what was it, 1913? That was another major win.

And here we are.


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and yet it's like enacting The Allegory of the Cave if you were to try and spread this perspective to the masses


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never knew this. care to redpill me on rothschild and napoleon and all that?


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Yeah @PeaceSeeker, you have enough for a @Crensch style write up on this ? :)


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I think the doc, "Money Masters", explains it. I can't remember if "The Creature from Jekyll Island " delved into any of it...


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thats just as far as we need to go back for reference and context. the hebrews made an oath to never forgive the roman empire for destroying some temple. also im pretty sure charlemagne was terrible and they were behind him too


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IOW, the Rothschild Jews are WAY smarter than whites. Therefore, they are elites and deserved to be worshipped and obeyed.


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Are you saying white people are too honesty, high trust,, believe what they hear too easily, and are too empathetic? Gee, it is almost like white people's greatest strengths are their greatest weaknesses too!