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Sue them.

It's also public school so you have the right to petition to speak to the class and can happily red pill the entire fuckin' lot of them by calling their teacher a piece of shit and suffer no consequences. I'd take both routes.

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Nah. Too much effort, too much red tape, and the school will likely go full Libtard protective mode and force you to have police present (gun or no gun) and likely just reject it outright.

Don't give them an explanation, just demand to visit the class and speak to the students. You have that right in a public school system, your taxes pay for the entire fuckin' school.

Then proceed to literally call the teacher a piece of shit and tell the kids she is brainwashing them with anti-gun propaganda. You have 1st amendment rights and they cannot stop you - and if they do, you can sue the every living shit out of them and afford to send your kids to private school or home school them with the payout. Win/win.


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That's also how you get in a list.

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Maybe not in a blue state, but I guarantee you the judges around here (who I happen to know on a first hand basis because we share the same fuckin' gun ranges) would award me punitive in a heartbeat.

You may live in some pussy assed blue state, by either lazy-assed volition or just dumbass choice, but I do not.


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How much are you paid to spam that link?


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That's how you get on a list.


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All of us are already on a list. Who gives a shit?


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Oh please. The government can't even investigate tax fraud or arrest illegal members of the Californian government. I don't give a shit what list I may be on when there isn't even enough resources to bother with me, anyway.

Nowadays as long as you are smart enough to keep your real name off the internet and don't attract any attention to yourself, you can pretty much get away with anything because the legal system is completely reactionary, not proactive.


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I've posted on voat ... I'm already on the naughty list.