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Near perfect. Hairline proximity to eyebrows, hair texture, the away they age... Not just the nose. People also mistakenly associate many German names as Jewish and never question telling polish or Russian names.

On the internet it's tricky, gulible got Marxists and Atheists sound nearly identical to a Jew, atheists are practically Jews by every metric that counts.

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Atheism is believing in nothing greater or higher than yourself and that is the path to self destruction.

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It's so much more though.

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Definitely improved over the years.

Also if you, need practice and live in the Bay Area, go to (((Marin County))) and walk around. You will get plenty of examples to compare (((Fake Whites))) and Real Whites.

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uh, I'd prefer not to?

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Getting better, I'm just reaching that stage where they are popping out a lot, but at the same time, I believe I am getting many false positives. If someone can refer me to some literature with figures to help me get better, it would be appreciated. I have a hard time distinguishing those with the Greek-esk classical eagle nose and the Hebe hook, the bridges are really similar to me.

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The trick is which looks more like a goblin.

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What about the half breeds?