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Combination of things. First, there has always been a snob aspect to books and movies. Much like certain arts/fashions, it's about being edgy, wierd, or balls deep in the current trends.

Second, there is a narrative being pushed so anything that supports that will be supported. I do think many believe they are doing what's right, want to help lower levels of suffering, and genuinely have good intentions. They just don't see how they are being manipulated with emotional appeals to push the narrative.

Third, money always talks. I'm still not completely convinced it's more the media is manipulating the people than it is they are just feeding the people there garbage they want.

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Is that why all these self-proclaimed critics are masturbating furiously over every single super hero movie that has come out in the last 6 years? And people are such fucking stupid sheep that they form their opinion based on someone else's rather than coming up with their own.

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Meh, the Marvel stuff doesn't bother me. It's like complaining about there being too many Harry Potter movies. It's not like Transformers where they are pulling the story out of their ass, they are just adaptations if existing content and hold relatively true to the source material. But that's how I judge adaptations. Regardless of how I feel about the source material, if the adaptation holds true, I call it a good adaptation

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There have been a few instances of evidence of coordinated narratives. In regular news media, “JournoList,” and in gaming it was called something like “GamesJournoPro” or some shit.

They definitely collude.

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The whole thing is jewd, yes. https://kek.gg/i/3XfHsm.jpg

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Netflix absolutely nigger riggs their user ratings. Since Amy Jewmers bullshit.

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Piss on kikes and their propaganda, I'd rather read a book.