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The fact that there are still bluepilled Whites in South Africa proves accelerationism is stupid and that Whites aren't going to magically wake up when things get bad.

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Pretty sure Sweden, France and Germany have been a good example of that too.

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Redpills are just a gateway drug. The black pills are where you end up if you're not just dabbling like T_D goons.

No....I'm not saying that it's good to be black pilled. Bless your heart if you have hope that whites will suddenly erupt with passion to save the West. But I am saying if you're not black pilled, then you're either not taking in enough information or you're being completely dishonest with yourself.

The heavy truth is we're endlessly fucked.

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The naïve white South Africans are mostly British from my friend's experience with them; it is rather the Boers who feel most of the direct pressure, and thus are much more hardened. There is a marked difference between the two.

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I found that. I was hoping for something more recent so it'll be harder to shrug off

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er wait i'm the nigger. that is the president who spearchucked the sieze the white farmland initiative though.

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That was just the other week nigger.

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My wife's family lives in captown they said things don't seem that bad.. but they are not white farmers.. asians

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Check out the Suidlanders website - https://suidlanders.org/the-coming-revolution/

It's a group hoping to organize and evacuate if (when) the genocide / race war / civil war is triggered. Plenty of good information.

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Well, President Ramaphosa just recently claimed the land-grab was "illegal"....despite the fact that the ANC (which he is the head of) were the ones who voted for it in the first place.

Basically, seems he's just trying to save face and act like he's not another Jacob Zuma, despite being Zuma 2.0.

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Khoisans or "bushmen" are the natives. The niggers like the zulus are Bantu tribesmen from central Africa. They arrived the same time white settlers began appearing in SA.