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Dog bites man (black shoots white) isn't news. Man bites dog is.

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That actually makes sense. It makes TOO MUCH sense!

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No, they would have to accept reality and they can't do that. It would literally destroy them and their programming to do anything different.

There was 2 explosions in Austin, TX yesterday and yet, we haven't been told "we have to do something", have we?

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No, it’s because most tv execs are Jews and their goal is to destroy America and the white gentile race in general.

Any white gentile that watches their tv/movies is a cuck.

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I was thinking more from the reporters' perspectives

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The SeeAyeAye said that “reporters” were cheaper than prostitutes.

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Word. They are destroying themselves in a last ditch effort to implement their (((beast system))). Their ratings continue to drop by the day, they clearly do not care about that anymore.